Zuckerberg Baby Steals Star Wars Show


What To Say When You’re Ready for A Nap…

I need to put on my sleepy socks. Netflix has come up with a solution for the tragedy when you fall asleep and lose your episode during your binge watching. The solution? Socks. Now you might be thinking to yourself, how are socks going to fix anything? Great question. Well, the magical socks use an accelerometer to tell when you’ve stopped moving for a while and that sends Netflix the message to pause. Don’t put these on your Christmas list quite yet – they are only in prototype at the moment. Sock it to me. (Source Business Insider)

Quote of the Day: “Jeff is hands-down the best operations executive I’ve ever worked with.”

Looks like people have good things to say about Apple’s new Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Williams. Yesterday, Apple announced some changes to their executive staff. One of the more talked about changes is appointing Jeff Williams as COO. Williams has been with Apple since 1998 and most recently served in Tim Cook’s old position overseeing the global supply chain. Williams has worked on key products like the Apple Watch and other big initiatives. Congrats on NEW-ton job Jeff.(Source Re/code)

Happy Star Wars!

The new Star Wars movie comes out today and people are excited. But no one is as excited as little Max Zuckerberg. Proud new dad, Mark Zuckerberg, shared a picture of Max wrapped up in an Obi-Wan like costume next to Chewbacca and Darth Vader toys with a lightsaber in hand. The force is with you. (Source Mashable)

Baby Zuckerberg Star Wars

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