Your Guide To Privacy Tools on LinkedIn

Your Guide To Privacy Tools on LinkedIn

(Taken from my book How to Sell on LinkedIn)


Unlike many other social networks, LinkedIn shows who has viewed your profile and alerts others when you have viewed their profile. How people view your profile is determined by the profile settings you select, so it’s important to know and understand your settings.

LinkedIn also gives you the power to choose how your profile appears in search engines, who sees your connections, how you rank, whether you want the option of ‘viewers who viewed this profile also viewed’ to show, if your profile changes are shared with your network and the option to notify connections when you’re in the news. Phew. Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy.

Bottom line, it’s important to know and take control of how others see you on LinkedIn.


Click on your profile image > Go to Privacy & Settings à Manage à Profile Privacy to choose your settings. Here, you will be given the option to update what people see when they view your profile. Clicking on each option explains what it does and how to change it, thus making it easy to manage your profile privacy.

Linkedin Profile Privacy


LinkedIn Profile Privacy

How you choose to appear to others dictates whether or not you can see who has viewed your profile. For example, if you choose to be anonymous when viewing profiles, you will not have the capability to see who has viewed your profile. There are three options for how to appear to others:

  • Name and Current Title with your Profile Picture
  • Anonymous with your industry and title
  • Invisible to other users
Linkedin Profile Viewing Options

Linkedin Profile Viewing Options

Linkedin Action Item

Linkedin Action Item

Linkedin Pro Tip

Linkedin Pro Tip



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