Yelp-ify Your Love Life

Dating 2.0

The latest and greatest of dating apps has arrived and it’s called Evolve. The app, similar to Yelp, allows users to rate the quality of the date, location, and even the person. Using information about personal preferences, the app’s data makes suggestions about number of dates per month and even if you’re getting as many first dates as everyone else. Wow, just when you think dating couldn’t get more stressful we are now adding ratings and gamification. Game, on. (Source: The Verge)


Taking Down Fake News

Last week’s French presidential election was a win for both Emmanuel Macron and Facebook. The french election was Facebook’s first real, and successful attempt at identifying and eliminating fake news from going viral and influencing voters. During the 2016 U.S presidential election, Facebook received a large amount of criticism for not squelching fake news. By teaming up with newsrooms and challenging false claims in France, Facebook proved that the fight against fake news is certainly one worth fighting. (Source: CNN Tech)


Apple Home Installing Independence

Apple’s Home App is allowing people with severe disabilities to control the locks on their homes, garage door, and window shades.  Through its digital assistant, Siri, the software allows accessibility for those who need it in the most important place of all: home. (Source: NBC News)


Want a 2018 motivational speaker for your dating app conference?

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