Working the Clouds


Space Race for Wifi

Satellites ViaSat-2 and Eutelsat-172B have gone into orbit with the hope of bringing flight passengers better Wi-Fi access while traveling mid-air. Because, let’s face it, GoGo internet connections are about as well liked as the TSA. Currently offered on more than 6,000 commercial aircrafts, people are now expecting more from inflight WiFi then simply sending an email every 5 minutes. These two new satellites in place, one over the Americas and the other over the Pacific, connections on international flights will improve dramatically. Because there is nothing attractive about someone complaining over poor WiFi on the plane #FirstWorldProblems  (Source: BBC Tech)


Blue Apron Announces IPO

Blue Apron, the company that delivers fresh ingredients right to your door so you can make home-cooked meals, has just filed to go public. Despite reporting a $52M loss this first quarter alone, the company is showing impressive and steady growth in the volume of orders and are looking to expand past metropolitan locations. Going into rural areas is historically where the Webvans, Peapods, and others have failed in the past. With a substantial increase in marketing (*cough* costs *cough*), Blue Apron hopes to expand its reach by targeting users between 25 and 44. (Source: Tech Crunch)


Facebook Fiasco

The Zurich district court of Switzerland has fined a man for liking anti-Semitic comments on Facebook. This is a big deal. People have been previously jailed for their Facebook comments or behavior, but this is the first time that someone has been prosecuted for simply “liking” a derogatory comment. Many are upset about this ruling since it could jeopardize freedom of expression if courts start prosecuting people over Facebook “likes.” Be careful the next time you call out that one family member on Facebook … (Source: BBC Tech)


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