Why You Should Tag People on LinkedIn


Tagging on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to segment and manage your network.


Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to create “tags” that you can attach to your connections. Later you can sort your connections through that tag. This allows you to keep up with and stay in touch with your key prospects by sharing the occasional Pulse article (or your own post).

For example, if one of my key prospects is a marketer who targets Medical Professionals, all I have to do is:

  1. Create a Tag called Medical Marketing Consultant (they can’t see it).
  2. Do an advanced search on the keywords; Marketing OR Marketer OR Consultant AND medical.
  3. Sort by 1st level connections.
  4. Open and tag each connection with the Medical Marketing Consultants tag.
  5. Open connection.
  6. Filter by tag / tag name.
  7. Hover over the prospect and send a message.




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