Why You Should Endorse People on LinkedIn

Why You Should Endorse People on LinkedIn


It’s a way of posting-it-forward. It keeps you top of mind with important connections in a positive way. Oh, and the science shows it makes you and the recipient happier.


  1. Go to the profile of the person you wish to endorse.
  2. Underneath their photo, you will see suggested endorsements.
  3. Select the endorsement you feel is most relevant.
  4. The endorsement must be genuine—only endorse people for skills you know they have. Endorsing someone for a skill you don’t think they have has various downfalls:
    1. You are being phony.
    2. Skills are often randomly placed there by a LinkedIn algorithm and the person may not even want to be endorsed for them.
    3. You signal to that person that you really don’t know them well.
  5. We recommend only doing one endorsement for the same person every few days. This helps you stay top of mind for a longer period of time rather than endorsing the same individual for multiple skills at once. Remember the goal is to play the long game, so it’s better to sprinkle ten endorsements over four weeks than ten endorsements for the same person in one day.LinkedIn Pro TipLinkedin Endorsement
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