What Keeps You Up at Night with Ray Sheehan

Today, Erik sits down with the founder of Old City Media, Ray Sheehan. Ray has a background in strategic planning, marketing, event management, and advertising and has helped the company expand from one city in the United States to an international agency. Ray is recognized as a leader in the special events industry and an innovative thinker in the Philadelphia community and beyond. Erik and Ray discuss experiential marketing, tips for making sales, and the best questions to ask when pitching to potential clients, and Ray offers valuable advice to entrepreneurs.

Old City Media, Inc. is a national marketing agency helping brands connect with target demographics through experiential marketing at a fraction of the cost. This process is achieved through our robust network of clients and proven formula of brand integration.

Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

What Keeps You Up at Night with Ray Sheehan

Episode Preview:

“I’ve always believed this and people were like, Well, Ray, you’re in sales or business development, and I’m like, I’m really in the business of solving problems. So for me, it’s all Problem Solving. It’s all about trying to identify what are their real challenges. And I think if you can, if you can identify what their challenges are in any, in any business in any space, to me, I think you’re then heading down the right path. So anyone out there that’s listening is trying to figure out how can I really sharpen my skills skills? And this probably seems like very common sense. But it’s been very, it’s treated me very well. It’s really asking a lot of questions and really understanding who your audience what their real problems are, and then getting into solution based thinking and developing a solution based around their challenges.

Some questions that I love, and that I kind of mentioned it before, what keeps you up at night? And for me you start to kind of peel back the onion with them. And there’s kind of like the softball questions. What are your goals? What are your objectives? What are certain things you’re looking to accomplish next year? Tell me about your team culture. What are certain things that you think you can do better? But for me, whenever I ask what keeps you up late at night, that is something that seems to resonate. Because [for] a lot of people that’s one of those things where everyone’s face down, they’re working, they’re grinding, everyone’s kind of going through their day-to-day thing, putting out fires, growing their business, doing these things. And then late at night, early in the morning, this is when a lot of CEOs, or a lot of people that are making real business decisions are really thinking about and noodling on their business. When they can decompress a little bit. And these are the things that kind of keep them up at night. So that is a question that I usually ask, and I usually always get some fantastic insight.”



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