Verizon Regrets Yahoo Acquisition. Scurt!

Verizon Regrets Yahoo Acquisition

Yahoo has had a hard time since they confirmed the 2014 hack and have been rumored to have built a software to help the U.S. government spy on users. Earlier this year, Yahoo was bought by Verizon for $4.8 billion. Since the acquisition, Verizon has been quiet about the controversies surrounding Yahoo, until now. Verizon’s contract with Yahoo states they cannot walk away from the deal unless “they can prove that a sufficiently adverse event has occurred.”  Craig Silliman, on the Verizon general counsel, met with reporters to discuss that the 2014 hack may be enough to relinquish themselves from the deal. (Source: Vanity Fair)


Does Your Dog Need a New Playmate?

Does your dog get lonely when you’re gone? Well don’t fret! Mashable has come up with a way to play with your dog when you’re not home. The solution is to tie zip ties to the bottom of a DJI Phantom drone. Then, when you’re planning to stay out for a while, just collect a ball or toy in between the zip ties and drop them next to your playful pooch. Watch an instructional video here. (Source: Mashable)


This Dude Knocked Over Something Expensive

Here is something to make your life seem a little bit brighter, because at least you’re not this guy.  At an HBH Woolacotts store in St. Austell, UK, a customer accidentally knocked over a display of televisions. The display included four televisions, which totals to a whopping £5,000 ($6,120). You can view the video here. On the bright side, this unfortunate young man isn’t you. You can almost feel the heartbreak and devastation on the customer’s face after the incident. And you can almost feel the panic on the sales associate’s face. Congratulate yourself for not knocking over anything today, but if you have at least it wasn’t caught on video for the world to see. (Source: Mashable)


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