Verizon Reconsiders Deal with Yahoo

Verizon/Yahoo Partnership causes Tension

After a massive hack of more than one billion users, Yahoo is in a deep hole with its partner, Verizon. Back in July, the cell service giant agreed on an acquisition of Yahoo’s core business for around $4 billion, but the deal has not yet closed. Talks amongst Verizon have considered cutting the price on the deal as a result of the wide-spread hack, and the situation will develop as Yahoo continues its investigation as to how the hacks occurred. Looks like that Yahoo mail account you’ve had since 7th grade may be in for closing time. (Source: Mashable)

New Nintendo Could Have VR

For hardcore gamers, Nintendo has always been a staple in the gaming world. From classics like the Nintendo 64, to the convenient Game Boy. In March, Nintendo will release its newest product, the Switch. Rumor is that the gaming system will have VR integrated into the device, but nothing has been confirmed yet. If so, seeing your favorite Nintendo characters like Mario and Luigi come to life and try and smash you with a mushroom is possible! (Source: Mashable)

Twitter Cuts off Government Surveillance Tools

Following an investigation into how law enforcement used Twitter to track activists and protests by the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern Colorado, the social media giant will no longer provides tools to the government that use data tracking. Twitter has had a policy in place for a long time about prohibiting the use of data for surveillance, yet numerous reports from sources have claimed that certain people have been monitored by tweets to track their location. So all you tweens thinking about tweeting when you’re out be warned, your mom will find you. Like actually. (Source: Mashable)


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