United Airlines and The Dragged Doctor

United Airlines Video Goes Viral

A video of police officers dragging a man off an overbooked United Airlines flight is officially viral. When the flight leaving from Chicago asked for volunteers to give up seats in exchange for vouchers, no one volunteered. Cue the police officers, who randomly picked individuals to kick off the flight. One man, claiming to be a doctor trying to get home to see patients, was recorded physically being dragged off of the plane. While United’s CEO said the passenger was “disruptive and belligerent’, this is not a good look for United who has had previous moments with United Breaks Guitars and Stockings Gate.  (Source: The Skimm)


Wells Fargo Gets an F-

Wells Fargo has put out a report card on the handling of its massive sales scandal from last year, and the final grade given was an F-…those exist? They do now, or we can just call it: ‘you received a Wells Fargo’. #Ouch. In the report by the company’s own board members, they describe a long bureaucratic meltdown, with the company’s goals and mission being thrown to the side. A former sales executive of the company and former CEO John Stumpf are being forced to give back tens of millions of dollars in compensation for misleading board members about how widespread bogus accounts were. And to think all of this could have been avoided if they’d simply read our book: What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube. (Source: The Skimm)


RetailMeNot Acquired for $630 Million

Online coupon site and Austin based RetailMeNot will be acquired by payment and marketing services firm Harland Clarke for $630 million. In 2013, Harland Clarke acquired Valassis Communications, a direct mailer company, and plans to use RetailMeNot to expand their reach in the coupons and promotions sector. Chief Executive Victor Nichols states “RetailMeNot provides a new global digital channel to distribute our clients’ offers that perfectly compliments Valassis’ current digital, mobile, mail and other print networks.” This is the second time RetailMeNot has been acquired (WhaleShark Media 2010). (Source: TechCrunch)

Maybe it’s time for United Airlines and other companies to book this motivational speaker for their next conference.

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