Uber’s New Gadget

Uber Introduces Beacon to Help Riders Find Ride

Ever come out of a big night club, sporting event, or bar at night and there is a hoard of people departing at the exact same time you are? This can make it extremely difficult to find your specific Uber. Enter Beacon, a new gadget implemented on the Uber app. Uber drivers can attach this new gadget on the inside of their cars, as the device projects the Uber logo in different glowing colors. These colors will match up to the color selection that the rider has on their chosen ride, making it easier to spot that dang Toyota Camry that every Uber seems to be. Essentially, this is for drunk people that can’t read the license plate number.  (Source: Mashable)

Hopper Takes Aim as Next Big Travel App

The new kid on the block has stepped up its game in the travel industry. Canadian based Hopper, a mobile app which allows travelers to select the cheapest airline tickets when traveling. Only 2 years since their development, the company recently raised $61 million in a Series C round. This new inheritance puts the relatively new company up near the top with big game players in the market like Expedia and Priceline. The company only has a mobile app, and has no plans to expand to desktop, as the app went from 1 million downloads in one year, to 10 million downloads the next. (Source: Mashable)

Lucid Motors Sets Sights on Competing With Tesla

It seems the Tesla Model S will have some competition. In 2018, Lucid Motors will launch the Air, a new luxury sedan that was introduced at a company event in Fremont, CA on Wednesday. The car will have a 400-mile powered battery, with turbo acceleration of 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. It will also be equipped with cameras, radars and other futuristic features. Lucid will start pumping these bad-boys out in 2018 at its new Arizona factory. (Source: Mashable)


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