Uber Will Start Using Self Driving Cars This Month

Uber Will Start Using Self Driving Cars This Month

Wait so self driving cars are actually going to be a thing people use? According to Uber, yes. If you can’t wait to ride in a self driving car, get to Pittsburgh later this month. Partnering up with Volvo, the ridesharing company will soon give riders the chance to drive in a ever so talked about car that requires no human. If this freaks you out, don’t worry because all self driving Ubers will have a driver to supervise and take over if the car is having some trouble noticing other cars are around. Bonus: Self driving car trips will be free for a limited time once they launch. (Source: BBC)

Filter The Tweets You Read

Yesterday, we let you know how Twitter is combating terrorism on their platform. They are also giving users control over what tweets they read in order for everyone to have a more pleasant experience when tweeting. Two filters that were introduced yesterday are letting you shut down the trolls and stop hate from entering what you see. The first setting will change your notifications when someone @ mentions you. Right now, anyone who mentions you will show up in your feed but the new filter will let you change this so you only see mentions from those you follow. The thought of this is that your followers are less likely to @ you mean things..and if they do you should block them. The second new filter is called quality filter. This will help change what is seen on your timeline by removing tweets that just aren’t good quality. This means seeing less bot tweets and less duplicate tweets for a better scrolling experience. See a short video on these changes here. (Source: PC World)

Apple Watch and iPhone

Apple Watch and the iPhone should just be connected at the hip. In order to use the watch, you have to have the iPhone on you. Not the most convenient for something that is supposed to make your life easier. Apple fans were hopeful that the next edition of the watch, which is to be released in September, would have the ability to connect to cellular networks and be less dependent on the iPhone for their ability to work. But unfortunately it’s not that easy. According to some people with inside knowledge on the matter, Apple has run into some roadblocks and this might not be that easy to accomplish. Nonetheless, Apple still plans to announce some changes that will be present on the next Apple watch such as GPS location tracking and improvements to health tracking. (Source: Bloomberg)

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