Uber Halts Self-Driving Cars

San Francisco Ceases Uber’s Self-Driving Car Experiment

Ever ridden in a self-driving car? If you haven’t and want to, you’ll have to wait a little longer. In San Francisco, Uber recently conducted an experiment of allowing new self-automated driving vehicles to pick passengers up and take them to their desired destination, as any ordinary Uber would just without the frills of free mints, water and awkward driver conversations. However, due to failed negotiations with California authorities, Uber was forced to revoke its self-driving car service. The company will now try to redeploy these robot vehicles in other California cities while following state guidelines. I guess they are trying to play the “don’t ask for permission ask for forgiveness” card. (Source: Mashable)

Nestle Installs Machine in Tokyo That Brews Coffee and Plays Christmas Music

Nestle has installed a Rube Goldberg machine in downtown Tokyo that takes coffee orders and plays Christmas music. A companion app gives you a menu where you can select your coffee order, while inside the machine are 180 pieces of wood, tuned to play your favorite Christmas carol. This machine will help you get in the holiday spirit as it brews a latte while you listen to ‘Joy to The World.’ What could be better? (Source: Mashable)

Google Provides Free WiFi to 100 Railway Stations in India

If by chance you are traveling across the second most populous country in the world, you’ll now have access to free WiFi. 100 different railway stations across India now have free Google WiFi available to all cell phone users. By the end of next year, Google hopes to have over 400 new rail stations to its free WiFi service. So tap, scroll or swipe away India train riders, Google has just made your life a whole lot easier unless you are trying to be like Tom Cruise in Risky Business — speaking of which, our book What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube makes a great stocking stuffer #ShamelessPlug. (Source: Mashable)


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