Twitter Launches the Ability to Retweet Yourself #Narcissism-Apocalypse

Thanks Self for Retweeting Me

The time you laugh out loud at yourself for being so funny you sync your phone to the 64 inch” plasma to watch all of your old selfie videos. That’s basically what Twitter is feeding into by allowing you to now retweet yourself. While this sounds like an SNL spoof product, Re-tweet Ya #BadassSelf, it’s not. It’s a real thing. Instead of relying on others to spread your humorous or self-centered posts now you can start retweeting right away. We wonder what Donald and Kanye have to say about the update? Oh wait, it was probably their idea. At the same time @-messaging is becoming a piece of the past with users now being able to see the whole conversation without having to follow everyone in said conversation. Let the self-retweeting begin. (Source: MSN)

Messenger Remodel

Facebook has given Messenger a major lifestyle lift making the app glow with youthful energy.  Messenger now looks much more like an inbox making it easier to find favorite contacts, keep track of birthdays, and know who’s online. The app now showcases a home page with your recent conversations and favorite people front and center. This is a major move by Facebook to segregate Messengers offerings and get more people downloading. Messenger’s facelift also includes a new emoji game and SMS capabilities. It’s like an extra dose of botox. (Source: TheNextWeb)

Imagine Endless Data 

Ever wake up in the morning and try to remember a dream but you feel it slipping away faster than you can recall it? Yup, that’s how we feel about the good old days of endless data packages. However, TextMe and Aquto are partnering to end your overage nightmares by offering a new data loyalty program for members. The program allows you to accrue more data from your mobile carrier by sharing the app, inviting friends to TextMe or buying phone call credits. The partnership is banking on using data as currency with carriers Verizon, AT&T, Vodafone and carriers hopping on board by the end of summer. I think we can all conquer playing games for extra data doesn’t sound half bad. (Source: TechCrunch)

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