Trump’s Tax Returns Are on the Loose

Trump’s tax returns are finally released…except they’re from ‘95 and were not released by him. The New York Times are the dirty rats behind the release, as an anonymous source sent them the ‘95 tax returns. And they are juicy indeed, backing up Hillary Clinton’s explanation for Trump not releasing them himself, hiding the truth from voters as “he’s paid nothing in federal taxes.” They clearly show Trump declaring a $916 million loss. This significant loss could have allowed him to avoid paying federal income taxes up to 18 years. Reminder during that decade Trump was going through a whole lotta bad business deals. His lawyer emailed a letter to NYT stating this is illegal and threatened “legal action.” Womp, womp, womp. (Source: NY Times)

Facebook Tries out Its Own Craigslist

Facebook is setting up a Marketplace feature that will run kind of like Craigslist. You’ll soon be able to see a new tab at the bottom of your FB News Feed page for “Marketplace.” This feature allows you to offer items for sale or make an offer on a product you want. Selling an item is rather simple, all you have to do is hit the “Sell” button, snap a pic, and fill out some deets. However, the exchange in money has to happen outside of Marketplace, because there isn’t a system set up to pay through it. A rep for FB said “there are no ads within Marketplace and businesses will not be able to target individuals based on how they use the feature.” You may recall pages already made for classified ads, such as being able to sell your textbooks at the end of the semester or get rid of old furniture. Facebook is playing off of this to make something a little more professional. (Source: Mashable)


Facebook Launches a ‘Lite’ Messenger Version

Facebook Messenger really isn’t a possibility in some markets. In emerging markets, consumers usually have older phones and slow Internet service. Today however, Facebook is rolling out its “Messenger Lite,” which is a simpler system that doesn’t take up as much room or time to use. Countries like Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela are trying it out for the first time today. They will be able to send text, photos and links but not video calls (going along with the simpler version). As of now, Messenger Lite is only being tested on Android devices. Facebook is hoping they’ll be the go-to messenger platform. Say goodbye to the days of Messenger on the actual Facebook website. (Source: ABC News)

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