Trumps Insults Hispanics (again) with Taco Tweet

Ay caramba is what the Republican party is saying. A day after swallowing that Donald Trump would be their candidate – Trump was swallowing a taco salad. He posted this tweet: Happy Cinco de Mayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics! We thought it was a joke at first – we should know better by now. You can’t make this stuff up. Trump Tower Grill trended – yep welcome to 2016 #sigh.

Some of the relevant responses centered around the fact that even Trump’s salad had a wall around it. Reminder – Trump has repeatedly stated he will build a wall on the border of Mexico and make Mexico pay for it. Some quipped that Trump’s wall would be made out of a deep fried tortilla.

One response focused on the fact that the bowl sat atop a magazine spread of his bikini-clad ex-wife Marla Maples:


Hillary Clinton’s response came equipped with a short video:

What to Say When Your Lyft Pulls Up Without a A Driver

Is this safe? Lyft and General Motors want you to feel like you are taking a trip to the future with driverless cars. The two companies will begin testing self-driving electric Chevrolet Bolts within the year. Lyft isn’t the first ridesharing app to do this, their competitor Uber has their own self-driving car test center and plans to begin self-driving cars in 2020. I guess that’s why they call it the auto-mobile. The future is here. (Source: Time)

SpaceX Lands Falcon 9

SpaceX landed a rocket at sea, even though they previously said the landing would be “unlikely”. SpaceX had a successful sea landing back in April but this is the first time they landed a rocket through geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO). What does that even mean you ask? Basically the rocket has its satellite set to reach an altitude where the speed of its orbit matches the speed of Earth’s rotation. Complicated stuff. Good work SpaceX. (Source: Quartz)

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