Thinking Outward Versus Inward (from the Stacking Benjamins podcast)

Recently, Equalman was featured on the Stacking Benjamins podcast. And now, we’re reposting that episode here on the Super U Podcast. The Stacking Benjamins Show was named 2023 Best Personal Finance podcast by Hosts Joe Saul-Sehy and OG aim to make financial literacy fun for all as they sit around the card table in Joe’s Mom’s half-finished basement and talk with experts about personal finance, saving, investing, and important money trends. In this episode, Erik discusses cowboy and cowgirl scheduling, making the best use of your power hour, how to say no, and the importance of thinking outward rather than inward.

Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

Thinking Outward Versus Inward (from the Stacking Benjamins podcast)

Episode Preview:

“All of us are living the same movie. We’re just different actors within that movie. And so I’d basically lay awake at night I go, “Man, how cool would it be if all I had to worry about… cleaning the house or organizing all this stuff in the house? How great would that be? How great would the house be organized?” So I go, “Let’s do this just [one] month.” Let’s start off with two hours a day and focus on stuff. Then I go, “Well, that’s kind of crazy, that’s not working,” because I tried five times it didn’t work. So let’s just break it down to a half-hour day. And most of you out there, you’re gonna focus on the one thing you have to do to [even] have the luxury to do what I did, which was do this [project] for a year.

So I’ve got to hit our sales number at the beginning of the year, and that’s something I can measure. So let’s see if this focus stuff even works. And so what I primarily do, as I mentioned was, I speak on stage… so we gotta get booked to be on stage. So people think, “Do we want Erik Qualman? Do we want Malcolm Gladwell? Brene Brown? Do we want, Simon Sinek?” There’s a lot of competition. So we’ve got to get booked to be on stage. So our first month was alright, I’m just going to dedicate a half-hour a day to work on sales because historically, people call us or email us and say, “Hey, are you available for these dates?” We never proactively reach out. So I go, “What if we proactively reached out?” …Let’s reach out to M&M Mars and get that.

So to shorten this story up, it’s like a half hour [each] day, and then all of a sudden [I did it] five times. I did 18 minutes, the first month, not 18 minutes [per] a day, 18 minutes for the entire month. That’s how hard focus is. But on the fifth time, it finally clicked, we’ll do the half hour. And then it also allowed me to measure something. That’s why I picked sales as well, because I got to see if it didn’t work, we just went have a book, whatever project but the end of the story is that we had a record amount of sales dollars for that month, what we achieved our sales for the year within that month, just by that simple thing of focusing for a half hour day, and being intentional with that outreach… So, very powerful stuff. Were you able to focus? Because you think about a magnifying glass, it’s not very powerful when you’re moving around all these different things. But when you hold it steady at a fixed point it can burn through a wall. That small magnifying glass using the power of that sun can burn through that leaf or burn through a wall if you keep it focused.”

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