The Realities of Cybersecurity 

Today, Equalman sits down with Rick Jordan. Rick is the CEO & Founder of ReachOut Technology and has become a nationally recognized voice on Cybersecurity, Business, and Entrepreneurship. He breaks complex topics down to approachable concepts, and he’s not afraid to challenge his audience, listeners, and viewers and push them to think differently. In this episode, Rick offers the top 3 tips for avoiding cyber attacks, he explains what a Wi-Fi pineapple attack is, best practices for small businesses to keep their information safe and secure, what parents can do to keep their kids safe from cyberbullying, and the most dangerous social media platform in 2024.

Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

The Realities of Cybersecurity with Rick Jordan

Episode Preview:

“…They were talking about the Apple update for stolen phone protection. And the craziest thing to me was that this would happen there was a dude that went to prison, you know, made over half a million dollars on this, it was a whole Wall Street Journal article about it. The way he would access their bank accounts and their Coinbase accounts, all of their crypto wallets, everything, you’d be in a bar and he’d be like, “Hey, let me put my contact in your phone. So everybody would just hand their phone over to this dude. And within like five to 10 seconds, he would [say] “Oh, it locked itself, what’s your pin?” And then this is called social engineering legit. And then that question would allow them to let down their guard and they’d be like, “Sure, it’s 1234.” Whatever it is, you’d punch it in, and within five to 10 seconds, he would change the face ID and would change the iCloud password. And then he’d have full access to the phone and then either keep it or walk away from it. But if you have face ID set up, and you give it to somebody else, and they change it to their face, now they’ve got access. Just like Chase, and Bank of America, they all open those apps with your face.

So the biggest thing, it’s like you’re talking about the top five. The biggest thing is don’t give your passcode to anybody. It’s nothing cybersecurity-related. It’s just like human privacy. That’s all it is. You know, but that’s the biggest part that I fight in cybersecurity, that my team fights because people willingly giving away their passcode and their passwords to phishing scams that somebody in the bar, to a spouse, right pillow talk all of this and that’s how people get in and wreak all that havoc 98% of the time.

So you’re talking about top five, right? I can give you some more. But dude, that’s the biggest one, number two and number three, I would say have multi-factor authentication on all of your accounts, like, especially your bank, getting everything like that. And the third is, really just make sure that you’re using complex passwords or a password manager, almost everything comes back to that. It’s very difficult for somebody to just “brute force,” we call it brute force in our industry, hack their way into this thing without having that information.”

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