The iPhone…X

New iPhone Model to Be Packed with Features

It appears Samsung will not be the only phone company that carries a device with a wraparound screen this year…we think. According to research analyst Timothy Arcuri, sources within Apple’s supply chain state that the tech-giant will have a feature-rich launch this year, highlighted by a new iPhone model…the X. The device is said to be  5.8 inch and comes with a wraparound OLED screen.  Currently only Samsung produces wraparound OLED screens. While the name X is far from original, Apple shareholders are hoping the new iPhone will be.  (Source: Mashable).


The First Solar-Powered Road

The next step in energy efficient technology has arrived in the form of a road. The ‘Wattway’ is a new road developed in France that uses solar panels to power a small village in Normandy. This high tech route is equipped with a silicon-based resin that makes it durable enough to withstand any traffic. Even though the road is only a mile long, it is part of France’s initiative to install solar panels on 1 in every 600 miles of highway. France must have watched Leonardo Dicaprio’s Before The Flood, cause we think it’s a genius idea! Hopefully the rest of the world catches up. (Source: Mashable).


LinkedIn’s New Redesign

A big time facelift is in store for LinkedIn. The social networking company has rolled out its new redesigned desktop format, complete with new messaging and search features. Previewed last year, the new look is meant to model the feel of the company’s mobile design. Specifically a slicker look with more streamlined navigation and simplified tabs for accessing different parts of the website. With additional items designed to improve the speed of the sight it appears LInkedIn is headed in a positive direction. Just waiting on all those connection requests to be accepted from our high-school classmates so we can see what jobs we guessed they would have when they grew up. We always knew Andrew from math class was gonna be a NASA engineer; you know the kid that was correcting the teacher. (Source: Mashable).


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