The Glow of GE

GE Integrates Alexa into LED Lamp

The ever-growing voice recognition system from Amazon, Alexa, has now taken on a new form. General Electric has integrated the smart-voice technology into an LED lamp. Similar in design to the original home of Alexa, the Echo Series, this smart lamp holds a glowing ring around the module. The device includes all the same voice recognition features Alexa would on the Echo Series, including games, shopping lists, general questions, streaming music and more.  You can also turn the lamp on and off, of course. Who knows, with Alexa making appearances in more home devices, you may be talking to your dishwasher soon. (Source: Mashable)

Professional Sports Embracing Snapchat Spectacles

Any Snapchat user has by now seen on their homepage that professional sports stories are a reoccurring feature. Organizations like the NFL, NBA and MLB have fully utilized the social media outlet for behind the scenes looks at games and practices. The NHL has now joined the growing list, and is taking its usage up to the next level. The Minnesota Wild are prime example, using Snapchat Spectacles to create a one of a kind fan experience. The glasses record and send live 10 second videos to other users with a whole new way to look at a live event. Even though the glasses are incredibly goofy looking, the sacrifice is worth it, as your stories are sure to be way more ‘lit’ than your pals’ stories. (Source: Mashable)

New Stylish Phone Case Protects Iphone In Roughest Conditions

Good news for all you frequent phone droppers out there, the company Mous is here to save the day! They have developed a new type of case called Aero Shock, to help dropped phones absorb even the biggest of blows on multiple surfaces.  With thousands of micro air pockets implemented around the edges of the case, this product can be dropped from a 45 foot high crane and survive the impact without a scratch. Not only will your phone drop and survive, it’ll look good doing it! (Source: Mashable)

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