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Starbucks Mobile Orders Becoming a Problem

You know when you’re waiting in line for your latte at Starbucks, but some Jerry up front is holding up the line because of his mobile order? It seems that this problem is occurring everywhere, and it is hurting Starbuck’s sales. In a report conducted by Reuters, mobile orders have slowed down productivity and thus decreased Starbuck’s shares by 3.8%. The coffee giant is focused on correcting the issue by having certain baristas tend to mobile orders only, so that lines don’t pile up and people are served faster. With mobile orders making up 7 percent of its sales a year, Starbucks better fix the issue, or we’ll see coffee lovers taking their services over to Dunkin Donuts. (Source: Mashable).


A Smartphone You Can Get Wet…And Wash

Sure Samsung’s new devices can get wet, but can they be washed with soap? Enter the Rafre by Kyocera, a new smartphone that you can handle not only with wet hands, but with soapy hands as well. Although its specs are nothing out of this world, it has replaced the traditional speaker with a smart sonic receiver that uses vibrations to transmit sound. For all you clumsy folks out there, the next time you drop your iPhone in the toilet or the sink, you’ll wish you had this nifty little device. (Source: Mashable).


Electric Trains In Netherlands Now Run on Clean Energy

In another move to help propel the world towards a cleaner future, all electric trains in The Netherlands now run on 100% wind power. This is the first rail network to use complete wind power, and equally impressive, the project was completed a year ahead of schedule. This rail network will now provide carbon-free travel for over 600,000 passengers daily. What did the Dutch do? The only logical thing, strapping their CEO to a moving windmill! Classy. (Source: Mashable).



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