Tesla Adds Bioweapon Mode to New Models

Tesla Adds Bioweapon Mode to New Models

Say that again. The electric car company is pursuing a new demographic of drivers, specifically ones exposed to heavy air pollution rates. Both the Model S and the Model X are being built with HEPA air filters that work so efficiently they filter the air inside and outside the car. The industrial grade particulate filters are Tesla’s way of entering foreign markets where pollution is a heavy selling point specifically India and China. The new bioweapon defense mode is capable of diminishing near-fatal amounts of pollution to nearly nonexistent in a manner of minutes. HEPA filters are nothing new, Tesla is just adding an extra go green measure to their business model. (source TechCrunch)


Your iPhone Broke? Who ya Gonna Call?

Dish-busters! Dish just announced that not only will they fix your satellite but now they’ll stop by to fix your broken iPhone. The move from Dish comes from VP of Operations John Swieringa exclaiming the Dish team is “uniquely positioned with the technical know-how to fix broken screens and batteries,” and the best part is you don’t have to be a Dish customer to reap the benefits. You just have to be lucky enough to shatter your screen. The service has an initial one-time fee of $35 to get a technician to your home and it can go up to $190 depending on what type of issue you’ve got going on – easy or hot mess. Currently they’re only in the iPhone arena but Dish announced they’ll be branching out soon enough. (Source MSN)

Brazil Judge Declares No More WhatsApp

WhatsApp users can expect to not reach Brazil for the next 72 hours. A judge recently ordered that all telecom providers block the service for the next three days. The order is Brazil’s way of disputing WhatsApp’s recent end to end encryption measure. In case you missed it Brazil wants WhatsApp to hand over chat records related to a drug investigation but WhatsApp said no way Jose since they cannot hand over the files in an unencrypted manner. This sounds familiar – cough Apple vs. FBI. The only good news here is for Telegram, a WhatsApp competitor, that began trending on Twitter soon after the start of the ban. It seems like encryption sparring is only going to continue. In the meantime over 100 million Brazilian WhatsApp users might have to samba in person. Reminder this isn’t good for Facebook since they own WhatsApp.   (Source TechCrunch)

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