Taylor Swift Just Eclipsed the Eclipse

Taylor Swift Just Eclipsed the Eclipse

Fans have been freaking out about T-Swift completely wiping out all of her social media last week. Left completely in the dark up until the day of the solar eclipse when Swift released images of snakes on her Instagram, the announcement of her new album Reputation finally arrived. This good girl has gone bad, writing songs about pure vengeance and targeting all of those who did her wrong. One line even says,“I got a list of names and yours is in red underline.” Sounds like she’s been watching too much Game of Thrones. All we know is she has a great marketing team behind her back — hopefully one they don’t stab. Ssssss… (Source: Forbes)


Sweet Tooth Anyone?

Impulse buying at cash registers is starting to dwindle due to increased online shopping and self-checkouts, which in turn has started to decrease Hershey’s sales. The loss of these last-minute purchases are starting to worry the sweet tooth company, so they have put a plan into action. E-commerce is a growing business for Hershey, but unfortunately candy is not the go-to search for online purchases. The idea is to incorporate virtual reality into grocery shopping so consumers can actually shop right in their living rooms. The idea extends even further by having ‘seasonal aisles’ around Easter time and other major holidays in order to market Hershey’s products even more. That’s as sweet as it gets. (Source: Digiday)


Snapchat Is Becoming a Major Player

Snapchat is said to overtake Facebook — at least the younger generation anyways. They are overtaking 12-to-17 and 18-to-24 age groups in U.S. users this year. This could be worrisome to Facebook, because they rely on revenue from advertisers who originally looked to Facebook for the growing influence teens have on other consumers. Also, Snapchat is now extending ‘verified users’ to influencers which other social platforms started eons ago. This will allow influencers to pop up whenever a certain topic is searched for or even in curated Live stories. (Source: Digiday & Fortune)

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