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In today’s episode, Erik speaks with Tracy Gorham. We talk a lot about superhero’s on this podcast and Tracy is the telecommunications and education sector’s Wonder Woman. Tracy is the Founder and CEO of ConexED. Tracy’s experiences in the foster home community inspired her to build a company that ensures the successful enrollment to graduation for all students regardless of ability or location. The first all-in-one success platform, ConexED makes it possible for students to connect with the right person, at the exact time they need help, in the way that works best for them. ConexED removes roadblocks and simplifies success. Thank you, Tracy, we want to be like you when we grow up.

Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

Super U Podcast | Tracy Gorham

[6:13] Sneak Peek

“So our technology allows them to go through a process and we call it a process for the purpose. And we lay out that roadmap and the milestones for the students to hit in the exact order that they need to hit them. So if they’re an Extended Opportunity student or a trio, student, upper bound, whatever type of program that they want to get into to help, you know, find more funding for books or food or housing, you know, we help them do that. And it’s really high school is when they start using our software to connect with, transfer, advise, and start with these programs. So that’s the one thing that we saw with a fallout before Kinect– you have to take a piece of paper and go to every single adviser or financial aid officer or a teacher to have something signed off, right? Also, it wasn’t really laid out in a roadmap, something that you can see, feel and touch and ask for more information, have all the documentation for that student to be involved with on a browser-based technology, nothing to download or install, and then do a reach out an instant communication through a chat or video meeting that is totally browser-based, that can work on any type of device. Because students that are disadvantaged, they need to make sure that the technology that they have in hand can work with the outreach that they need. And so we really focused on what are their capabilities and technical understanding of using technology? And how can we make this as user-friendly as possible? And so we nailed it really? We did.”

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Connect with Tracy:

Twitter: @_ConexED & @GorhamTracy

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracygorham/

Website: https://conexed.com/



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