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Our new episode of the Super U Podcast is live! The Super U Podcast delivers curated tips from top performers and thought leaders to help unlock and unleash your inner superpower. This week’s episode features tips from Tampa Bay’s star quarterback and 7x Superbowl Champion, Tom Brady. Click here to subscribe to the Super U Podcast. Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

Super U Podcast | Tom Brady:

[1:56]   Be A Lifelong Learner

“Well, I think I have curiosities in many ways. And I think a lot of it is learning and loving to learn. Since I was a kid, just loving the experience of learning new things, learning how they impact my life, learning how they impact my relationships. My wife would say, we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, and that’s one of my favorite phrases. You know, it’s, it’s great. And it’s so true. And I just want to live a great, impactful, purposeful life and I want to impact people from the lessons that I’ve learned and see if people can learn anything and try to relate it in their life some way.”

[3:50] Stay Humble and Stay Hungry

“In my learning, I feel like I learned every day from people that are a lot younger than me, I learned from people that are a lot older than me. So be humble about that. Understand that you don’t know anything. In fact, there’s so little that we actually do know that you have the humility to wake up every day, with your mind, your eyes, your ears open to learning from those who are both younger and older, and have the commitment and have the dedication to the things that you prioritize. So it doesn’t matter what you want to be as you grow up. Whether you want to be an athlete, whether you want to be an actor, whether you want to be a teacher, whether you want to be a doctor, or a lawyer or a politician, that really doesn’t matter. But all those values that you’re going to take are going to translate into different aspects of your life.”

[5:04] Focus On Your Fortune

“After we beat Kansas City, I mean, that’s just an incredible game, you go and you play the number one seed on the road. I mean, there’s nothing but joy when you when you win, and life should be about that. In a lot of ways… we always have a choice to what we want to focus on. You know, we can always focus on the thing that maybe didn’t work, it didn’t go our way or this or that. Or you can focus on what’s positive in your life, or all the great things and be optimistic. I think I choose more often than not the joy. I choose the enjoyment, I choose the positives, and it brings me a lot of joy. And I think when you’re in this position, you’re 41 years old, you enjoy these things. This isn’t going to go on forever.”

[7:06] Control What You Can Control

“You don’t make all the decisions. You know, I can control what I can control. So much of what my performance has been over the years is how do I maximize what I can do? I can’t run, I can’t catch, I can’t block, I can’t tackle. I can do my job, but I’m gonna do it the best way I can. I gotta trust everyone else to do the same thing. And sometimes it works out for our team, it’s worked out better than every other team for a long time. So how do you nitpick one or two things or, you know, everyone’s trying in my belief to do the best thing it just doesn’t always work out.”

[9:14] Results Always Speak the Loudest

Where would you rank yourself?Ah, that’s the worst question in the world. That’s a I mean putting a rank on it. I don’t care whether they think I’m the best, the second best, third best. I mean, I got three rings. So that’s a you’d say whatever you want. But look at these diamonds on these fingers. I mean, that’s, that speaks for itself. I mean, just shuts a lot of people up. Which is the ratio like the best. I have it right. My favorite ring, we’re always said and I said I was the next one. The next one’s the best.”

[10:46] Believe In Yourself

“As a backup quarterback on our own eight freshmen, high school team, I didn’t even play… I was kind of a late bloomer, recruited to Michigan late start as a seventh string quarterback. You know how to work really hard, even play, you know, thought, “Oh man, I’m making being pro football.” I got drafted in the sixth round. No one thought I’d make the team. So that drives you, it still does. Now, it’s like, wait a minute, now you guys want me to stop playing? You know, now is the time where I get to really enjoy it. I always had a lot of belief in myself. And I always tell a lot of young quarterbacks, “You don’t believe in yourself? Why do you think those guys were looking at? They’re gonna believe in you.” When you step out, huddle, they better look at you and go, man, that guy’s ready to get the job done. Because if they don’t see that, then they’re gonna start questioning, “Oh my god, I don’t think that guy can get the job done.” So you got to believe in what you know, who you are, what you do, what you bring to the team. And then if you do that, you know, they’re gonna feed off that as well.”

[12:46] Find A Way To Make It Happen

“I wasn’t blessed with a lot of things that they wrote about. What do they look for and want? Someone tall, they want someone fast, they want someone strong, they want someone that can have all these physical traits, but I didn’t have all those physical traits at the time. So I had to work to develop other traits, you know, leadership, perseverance, determination, work ethic. And I think some of those things were a part of me… Everyone’s really talented. Well, what other skills have you developed? You know, you can’t just rely anymore on being the most gifted, being the most talented because, by the way, everybody has talent. So what are the things you have been able to develop? And I was fortunate to be in very competitive environments, not going to bring the typical, you know what you’re looking for. But if you give me time to develop, I can develop into something that could, you know, be a great leader of a team and be very disciplined and set the tone and, you know, great work ethic. And those are things that I enjoyed then and I still enjoy those things now.”

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