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Today, Erik sits down with CEO, leadership coach, and best-selling author of The Leaders Playlist – Susan Drumm. They discuss… Susan’s mission is to help visionary leaders find their path to Enlightened Leadership – their unique leadership growth path and the blind spots that could get in the way. A graduate of Harvard Law School, with a successful career in business, having worked for companies like GE/NBC, and a Master’s degree in acting from the London School of Music and Dramatic Arts. Susan works with billionaire CEOs, prominent Fortune 50 executive teams, and incredible entrepreneurs who set out to disrupt their marketplace.

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The Leadership Playlist with Susan Drumm

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“Music impacts you in ways you may not even realize, I mean, advertisers know this. It’s why they tie music, you know, think about that Ozempic ad it’s it’s tied to the music that the original people that they wanted to influence would know. Athletes use it right to be in peak performance. There’s Phelps phase, if you remember him getting himself into that state. So I think we’re just scratching the surface of what music can do. It’s been used for health purposes. So if you know anything about the research studies on unresponsive Alzheimer’s patients, when you put their favorite music on, they come alive and sing and dance. And they actually there’s a measurable increase in eye contact and happiness and a decrease in fatigue. And this can be shown on an MRI where all parts of the brain are coming alive. So if it can do that, where take somebody who’s truly unresponsive and bring them back to life? Think about what the opportunity is for us to use it in a much more intentional way. And that’s what I’m suggesting. What I see that’s why the book has two parts. It’s looking at what are the patterns getting in your way and they have to do with your childhood wound and they create superpowers but they also come with liabilities. And if you have that liability, what can you do to kind of overcome it to get The best of yourself, right? Yeah. And then how can you actually use music as a way to help you make these changes? Because if it’s going back all the way to childhood, that’s a pretty deeply grooved neural pathway. But if a mute or music can help an unresponsive Alzheimer’s patient come alive, it sure as heck can help you actually ship that old childhood wound.”

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