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On this episode of the Super U Podcast, Erik sits down with the host of The Small Business Radio Show, Barry Moltz, to discuss why our goal should not be to be busy, but to be purposeful with how we choose to spend our time.  Click here to subscribe to the Super U Podcast. Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

Super U Podcast | The Small Business Radio Show:

[4:45] Why We Like Being Busy

“It’s a couple things that make us feel important because obviously we’re busy. That means we’re working on a lot of things. Some  we’re doing, we think it’s an important part of our culture. So America works more than every country except for Japan. And then the other side of it is it’s biology. So we get dopamine hits, dopamine is that feel good drug you get that by crossing off something on your to do lists, or more likely you’re getting that dopamine hit by taking your emails from 100 to zero. The reason it feels good is because the biological kick in that dopamine hit makes you feel good. And so that’s what it relates to. We’ve got a fight some biology, in some instances, we got to fight culture a little bit. And then we got to fight our own, essentially, in an accuracy. By being busy, I make myself feel adequate.

[5:57] The Difference Between Being Busy and Being Productive

It’s all about being important versus immediate. And there’s a couple things. It helps me to actually be cognizant of what I’m doing. And so that starts with the night before, or the morning of, writing down that one thing that makes everything else either easier, or unnecessary. Making sure that you’re not just kind of going through the day that you’re attacking the day before to tax you writing that one thing down, and then doing it. I call it the Power Hour, basically an hour after you naturally would wake up. But that power hours, essentially, most of us not all, but most of us are most efficient at that power hour an hour after we naturally would wake up.

[11:00] You Can’t Do It All

A lot of us are people pleasers, which serves us well, most of the time. So I want to say yes. But you’ve got to treat yourself like a doctor. So like a doctor or a surgeon, a surgeon can only work a certain amount of hours because it’ll become a detriment to their patient. The data will show that. So that’s why there’s laws for surgeons to only work a certain number of hours because at some point they become a detriment, meaning that they say yes to everyone. This is an instance where they want to say yes, because they want to save everyone’s life.  Is it they become a detriment? And so you have to have a mindset like a surgeon. The other thing that helps me is understand that if you say yes to everyone, you’re saying no to everybody, because you can’t do it all. You just can’t do it all. And so if you say yes to everyone, then everyone’s gonna lose. Let your no’s be no’s, which allows your yeses to the yeses.

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