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On this episode of the Super U Podcast, Erik talks about Edutainment, Staffing, and Team Culture with two separate call-in guests, Priscilla Morgan and Jason Price. Click here to subscribe to the Super U Podcast. Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

Edutainment, Staffing, & Team Culture | Super U Podcast:

[0:00]   Episode Preview

“So I would really encourage business leaders not to start looking for technology, start looking for solutions. partner up with some folks that have seen other organizations solve problems like that and just bring them the problem. You know, technology evolves a lot faster than anybody really can comprehend. So it really shouldn’t be about the technology as much as it should be about the partnership, and about the problems you’re trying to solve with it. So my advice would be to get in front of somebody, you know that you would be able to take the coffee and go, “What do you think we got to do with this?” Because we are in that space, and we’re listening and watching and seeing companies succeed and fail based on the solutions they choose.”

[09:17]   Going Forward to Work In-Person

“I think that the hope is that we go back to work or back to normal, but it’s not back, it’s actually going forward to the new new. So whatever that new looks like, it’s going to have some hopefully some of the stuff that we love before the pandemic. But also make sure we don’t lose sight of the stuff that we enjoy during the pandemic. And so I’ve been fortunate to sit down with a lot of people. And they’ve enjoyed that they’ve been able to spend family time, quality time, or that some people have had a little more space because they can’t go out and do anything. So they actually can actually accomplish something they’ve been dying to do or just allowed for more space, so to speak, in their life and most importantly that family time. So just figured out, don’t waste the pandemic figure out, what’s my next step. And so as we go back or when I say go back, I mean, go forward, as we go forward… there are some learnings that you didn’t know were happening for you thought they were happening to you. But now you realize as we go into the new world, they happen for you.”

[28:40] “Good Players Play, Tough Players Win.”

” I was fortunate to walk on the basketball team to get a scholarship at Michigan State University and Coach Izzo, those not familiar with him, he’s in the Hall of Fame. He’s still coaching, but he’s actually in the Hall of Fame. I mean, it’s kind of crazy that you’re still doing your vocation, and your in the Hall of Fame. But he’s a Hall of Fame person as well. And his motto is the good players play tough players win. Me it’s all about the grit and the grind… I remember him yelling, like, while we were running around this track, he’s encouraging you, “You’re not tired, you only think you’re tired. You know, if it was easy, we’d have 30 players out here!” Meaning that you’re not necessarily the most talented person on campus that can play, what you are, is you’ve got that grit and the grind to see it through. You’re the tough player; there might be a better player, but you’re the tougher player. And so that always works in business as well. It’s just kind of get through that grit and the grind. If you look at the research, it plays that out like Malcolm Gladwell, his research shows it’s not the person from Harvard, it’s not the person from Stanford, and it’s not the person who has the money. It’s like, here are the people that are grinding that actually eventually rise to the top and reach that fulfillment, whatever that success looks like, they get the most out of their potential, which is the truth of fulfillment.”

[34:14] There Are Two Reasons to Write A Book: Either to Change Yourself or Change the World.

“I was kind of getting frustrated that people couldn’t see that social media was gonna be this big thing. That it wasn’t just a teenage thing. And so I did something about it. And I wrote the book. And actually, at the moment, I realized instead of getting frustrated, I go, “This is amazing. Oh, you people really can’t see this,” so I can show them what is coming, what I think is gonna come, and then right place right time, a lot of it came to fruition. Some of it still hasn’t happened, which is crazy. Like there’s a lot of stuff in the book that 12 years later still isn’t happening, but I know it’s gonna happen. The question isn’t if, it’s when. But that’s the short version of writing and seeing it through was tricky, because again, it was around that time that I told you that story about losing that money. And then also I was working, at that time I was the Global Head of all things digital at EF education and like 50 countries, they have like 30,000 employees, they do all this travel stuff for, for kids, it’s awesome. They basically break down barriers for culture. But I was literally riding the train to work… I was just trying to find 20 minutes here and there to write on my phone to then send it to the cloud to put this book together. And so any moment I had, it was a pressing timeline, I needed to make sure I was writing. So I just don’t know if I could do that today. But I was a little younger at the time, and could just concentrate and write on that that T-line for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes on the way home.”

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