Super U Podcast | Mental Health and Overcoming Fear with Clarissa Ward

On today’s episode, we’ll hear 7 super tips from Emmy winning war journalist, Clarissa Ward. Erik and Clarissa discuss Dealing with fearthe importance of finding mentorskeeping stories excitingrespecting your teampre-emptive mental health tacticsuniversal themes that connect us all, and enjoying life to fill up the tank. Ward is currently the chief international correspondent for CNN. She received a Peabody Award in 2012 for her journalistic coverage inside Syria during the Syrian uprising. She has also received seven Emmy Awards, an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Silver Baton, and honors from the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association.

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Super U Podcast | Mental Health and Overcoming Fear with Clarissa Ward

Episode Preview:

“One of the first things that you realize quickly is everybody feels fear in a war zone. And there’s a sort of myth about the swashbuckling war correspondent that you don’t feel Fear and that you’re a daredevil and that you’re addicted to the adrenaline. But actually, my experience with most of us has been that you really do feel fear. And fear has a huge importance evolutionarily, it’s a good thing to feel fear, it instructs you to get out of dangerous situations. It’s really about how you respond to fear, and how you deal with fear. And some people are prone to really panicking in a situation where they’re fearful, that can be very dangerous in a conflict zone. Other people like myself tend to get very quiet when they’re afraid, which is actually more of an attribute in a war zone. Because you can work with that you can, you can channel that into being calm and cool and collected and, and getting done what you need to get done.

So I think I quickly realized that even though I was very afraid, particularly going into Iraq, which at the time I went into Iraq, in 2005, it really was, even the drive from the airport was considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world, it was incredibly dangerous. and Western journalists and Westerners of all walks of life, were being actively targeted by the insurgency. And even if you went out with US soldiers, you were being targeted, also, by IEDs, improvised explosive devices. So it was incredibly dangerous. And I was very afraid. But I also understood that I was able to deal with the fear. And so that’s, I think, the first inkling that you have that, like, maybe I can be good at this, because even though it frightens me, it also excites me, and it interests me, and I’m able to, more or less contain my fear.”

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