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On this episode of the Super U Podcast, Erik talks about Digital Marketing Tips with Rhea Allen from The Marketing Expedition Podcast. Click here to subscribe to the Super U Podcast. Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

Super U Podcast | Digital Marketing Tips:

[2:19]   Episode Preview: Step Into Your Story

“I’m a big believer that things happen for you, not to you. So with a name like Erik Qualman, first initial last name I’ve just been Equalman my entire life and I didn’t like it for 15 years. I’m telling you this because my movie is the same as your movie, we’re just different actors and actresses and so hopefully you can take something from this to step into your story as an entrepreneur or just as a person. So as Equalman I didn’t like it because people make fun of you, “Let Equalman get the coffee, he must be fast.” Then I was fortunate one of my books Digital Leader was doing well and then they wanted to do a photo shoot for a magazine and they said, “Hey because of your moniker, because it’s Equalman,” (and my email address is Equalman) they said, “Can you wear some Clark Kent-like glasses?” I go, “Cool!” and they go, “It’s our St. Patrick’s issue, do you mind if they’re bright green?” I go, “Let’s rock it.” I don’t think much of it, I fly to Kenya to give a talk. A couple of weeks later, the night before I’m going to give a speech, I go to adopt a baby cheetah at a rescue shelter, not to take home with me my wife would kill me (my daughters would love that), but just to adopt a cheetah. Anyways, the lady that’s with me on the way over goes, “Hey the litter you’re gonna adopt from, we had Usain Bolt, the olympian, here a couple of days ago and he adopted from the same litter that you’re adopting from. We took video of Bolt we’d love to take a video of you and package it together and raise money for our shelter.” I go, “That sounds great, let’s do it.” And then she pauses and looks at me and goes, “But obviously when we film we want to make sure you have your green glasses on.” I looked at her I go, “I don’t wear those things around all the time, that was just for that magazine shoot,” and she looked at me and I don’t want to see that look again, because she just goes, “No, everyone in Kenya thinks that’s what you look like that’s what they think you look like.” So they’re kind of stuck… and I’d like to say that we did lose some business because of it, because they were like, “We don’t want this guy out there with the green glasses” but we’ve gained a lot more business because of it. I tell you that long story, because not only is my cheetah much faster than Usain Bolt’s cheetah, but I tell that long story because I want everyone to step into their story. It is uncomfortable at first, but once you step fully into your story it’s the most comfortable place that you can be. It’s good for business.”

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