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On this episode of the Super U Podcast, Chip and Joanna Gaines share some incredible tips. Chip and Joanna give us advice on running a business, dream-chasing, raising a family, and persisting through tough times. Click here to subscribe to the Super U Podcast. Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

Super U Podcast | 7 Super Tips with Chip & Joanna Gaines:

[3:55]  Go With What You Love

“So the same year, we were married in 2003, we opened up a little shop on bosquet. We named it Magnolia. And I remember for the longest time I was the only one working, I was by myself and would be in the back. And women would come in and literally ask me for advice. And I remember sitting there behind the counter going oh my gosh, what am I gonna say? I would literally have no idea. And so I’d start making stuff up and thinking I hope they don’t return all this tomorrow. Well, they never would return it I think every time a woman would come in there and ask for my opinion or my advice. That was my way of learning that was kind of like trial. That was my education. So for the first year, I was really just stumbling and just going okay, maybe this or that. But the more and more I was in the shop, the more I played around. During the slower hours I play around with displays and I really started getting a feel for what it was that I loved. And I realized that’s what I had to kind of teach others is just go with what you love and throw the rules out.”

[6:12] Passion, Hardwork & Never Quit

“Likability, authenticity, passion. You know, those are kind of catchphrases for some people. But for Joe and I, it’s really how we live our life. You know, I mean, this is our farm. This is our front porch. This, even the idea, I don’t want to overstate this part of the equation, but you know, when you come onto a construction site, you know, in my universe, people in your industry refer to it as a set. And that sort of drives me nuts. You know, that kind of gives me glitches, because, for me, it’s a construction site. And I think something about that translates to the viewer, I think they believe us, when we say we’re doing the work that we’re doing, I think they believe that we’ve got the relationship that it appears that we’ve got on television, I think it appears that we’re good parents, and I think that they believe that that’s accurate. You know, I mean, you can go talk to a couple of the kids, and I’m sure that they can tell you the behind-the-scenes reality of that. But for us, I just think passion and hard work and, and the idea of never quit. You know, those are things that have sort certainly fueled us over a hard, complicated, but amazing 15 year, 16-year career.”

[7:53] Break Through Barriers

“We have had our fair share of really tight calls, really tough moments, and moments to where we were literally on our knees in prayer saying we can’t quit, we cannot give up. You know, there are too many people that depend on us. And that particular season, there were fewer employees, but we’re still talking about roughly a dozen household incomes that were personally dependent on Joe and I. And that was very important to us. But then it even got into the bankers and the local relationships that we had established, we just didn’t want to let these people down. And so every morning we’d wake up and we’d get after it. And the idea that you know, one step in front of the other, finally results in us basically breaking through. I hope that’s an encouragement to folks that are going through that same kind of experience.”

[9:48] Build On Strong Foundations

“You can’t build a great house without a good foundation. And for us, I mean the foundation’s the most important element I mean it’s just hard work commitment. Honesty, integrity, I mean, all the things that again sound like catchphrases, and in fairness, even does mean they could be a catchphrase, you know, who knows if we’re lying about all these things. But the reason we’re positive this is going to prove the proof will be in the pudding and 1015 years from now, it’s because we’re serious. We’re not kidding. When we talk about integrity, we want our word to mean something to the people that we communicate those promises to, and even houses, you know, I mean, nobody’s perfect. You build a house, you do the best you can, and somebody, you know, toilet breaks. So there’s a water leak in the foundation, I mean, variables happen, and it’s how do you deal with those sort of negative ramifications while being kind of a person of integrity through the process? And so with Jo and I, it’s just, we always kind of bring it back, we always loop it back to the people involved, the person at the end of this process. And I think that’s what kind of keeps us going.”

[12:42] Be Authentic

“When the cameras turned on, I think, in the beginning, we were scared where they can make us act like something, are they going to ask for drama? And that’s what we were terrified of. Because I think in my mind, that’s what reality TV was. But the network was just always greater producers or greater just saying, No, no, no, we just want what y’all are really doing. And I think when we felt the freedom to just be ourselves, we never thought about what’s on the other side of this. We weren’t ever being intentional about once this airs is what we’re gonna look like. Now, sometimes we look at it, at least, yeah, touchdown. But I think that’s hopefully what you know, we want to connect to people, we want to be relatable, we don’t want to be chip and joke here. And then, you know, we want people to know that we’re just a normal couple from Waco, we’re passionate about what we do. We love the business of home. And we really like each other.”

[15:00] Be The Best At Whatever You Do

“We started a little real estate company, we wanted it to be the best in town, she started her retail shop, we wanted that to be the best in town. I mean, Jo and I don’t play around. I mean, when we do stuff, we want to be the best at it. And so as the show started picking up momentum, it was really funny, we wanted to be the best at that. I mean, we would start watching other shows, ratings and compare our ratings and even, like big network, you know, ratings, and we were like, wow, that’s an unbelievable show, look at the ratings. Gosh, we’ve got a long way to go. And it was just fun. You know, I think I think competing with one another in friendly ways against other people in friendly ways. I think it helps keep you young, I think it helps keep you motivated. And as things started kind of picking up steam, we never thought we’d made it, you know, we’re done. Let’s cap this here. So we can put some money in the bank. I mean, again, like a couple of teenagers, we make some money, and we’d reinvest it, and we’d make some money, and we’d reinvest it. And I mean, we’ll see how it all goes when the fruit is not yet in the pudding, I can assure you of that. But so far, I really feel like we’re building something that when years play out, and we look back, I think we’ll have something here that we’re really going to be proud of.”

[17:08] Dream Big

“When we look back, we want our kids to say, “our parents are the best parents,” and we want to look at each other and say we made it, we were the best to each other, and we made it through all this thick and thin. But then I think it’d be fun to be known as people that were passionate about the work we did good work that mattered We inspired people. For me, my dream was very small, it started out very small, literally was to sell my house like have these small home shows. And then it turned into this little shop on Bosque. We ran numbers at like $200 a day. And we were like if I can make $200 a day we can do this. But my dream was really small. But I think when people leave this place and people who know our story now, it did start small and then it ended in this thing which is huge. The silos seem like a big complex now. And I hope people leave and they start trying to figure out what is it in my own life, what’s my dream? Knowing that there’s going to be hardship and stuff but for us, it’s just to push through it. Chip says go get ’em, you can do this. And I think that’s the coaching I needed even in the hardest of times. So hopefully people leave inspired to dream big.”

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