Super U Podcast | Amazon to Dominate Healthcare?

Amazon Primed to Change a Doctor’s Office Visit.

In today’s episode, Erik discusses the American multinational technology company, Amazon, entrance into the healthcare industry.

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Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

Super U Podcast | Amazon to Dominate Healthcare?

Episode Preview:

“…So Amazon sees the opportunity most importantly need to return more to their shareholders, so they’re not going to return more than their shareholders by selling 100 more containers of slime. Even though my daughters seemed like they were buying 100 containers of slime a day from Amazon or selling more toasters on Amazon, they’ve got to go after one of these big markets. Now identifying which market to go after is a good thing to do from an innovation standpoint is always to ask oneself, where do you find yourself complaining the most? Which industry? …It’s probably the airline industry and also the healthcare industry. Think about health care, the expensive prescriptions, you’re always on the phone, and you can never get an answer. You’re in long waits on the phone with your health care providers. You don’t even know what’s covered and what’s not covered, then the doctor side of it, they’re spending more of their time actually filling out paperwork than they are actually taking care of their patients. But one thing that we did see during the pandemic is that even though it’s the big ship to move healthcare itself is it change can happen quickly. And we saw that in the pandemic. We saw that with the innovation around these vaccines, and how quickly those came to market. And also we saw the switch to telehealth medicine, you get a prescription for something if you have pinkeye you don’t have to go into the doctor’s office, wait there for three hours, fill out all this paperwork, and you could actually just do it via telehealth.

So Amazon is actually in a really good position to go after this market. Now as a shareholder, I hope they succeed. It’s actually the largest holding I have outside of my ETFs outside of the general stock holdings like the market holdings, just my philosophy on investing. And sometimes if you’re in early enough and find yourself using something and becoming very loyal to it, that’s when I invest outside of an ETF. The majority of my money’s invested in ETFs. But crazy enough going back to Amazon, I think was invented in 1996. But in the late 90s as early as that I was using Amazon religiously I was setting packages, we’d always spend the whole It is down and my grandparents in Florida. So it actually ship all the presents down there I thought was glorious. The rest of my family thought was crazy. I’m like, This is amazing, I have to pack up the gift and carry it in my luggage, I’m just sending it to where I’m going to be. And I know it’s going to be there because this company, Amazon is very reliable. So I’m not saying go out and invest in Amazon stock, I was just lucky to get on early. And so my hope is that they can pull off their foray into the healthcare industry.”

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