Super U Podcast | 7 Super Tips with Simone Biles

Simone Biles, American gymnast, four-time Olympic gold medalist, and the most decorated American gymnast gives us insight on how she got into gymnastics, how she deals with adversity, and why it’s important to rest.

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Super U Podcast | 7 Super Tips with Simone Biles:

[3:19] Tip #1

“So it was six years old whenever I went on this daycare field trip. And all I can really remember is the gym that I went to it was split into two sections. So the front of the gym was like the rec, and then the back gym, or what were all the team girls were working out. And I remember being on a trampoline kind of like peeking through. Because there was a wall that divided it. But it was really just the bathrooms. And so I remember peeking back, and I would see these girls on the tramp and on the beams and all of that tumbling and flipping. And I was like, I think I can do that. So then I started copying them. And then a coach came over and was like, “Have you ever done it?” and then they just sent a letter home. And it’s kind of a blur cause I didn’t think in that moment, my life would have changed and I would be who I am today. So it’s like you don’t really remember it too much.”

[5:29] Tip #2

“You have to use your voice in a positive manner as long as it doesn’t draw negative attention. And you really stick to what you’re saying and what you believe in, I think it’s okay. And in those moments, I felt that I needed to speak up so that people would hear and, you know, it would encourage other people to share their thoughts on it. And, you know, you have to choose your battles wisely. And I try not to nitpick everything, but if I see something I don’t like, you know, you’re quick to grab your phone and be like, I’m going to tweet something, but you have to be smart with your words too so that it doesn’t come off in a wrong way. So I try to do that. And as soon as I did the Mary Bono tweet, my mom got a little bit upset and then realized that it was in a good manner. And then she was really proud.”

[7:30] Tip #3

“I feel like I try not to let my focus be gymnastics 24/7, I try to spend more time with my family, my friends, and go to different outings so that I find ways to refuel myself rather than to just gas myself out in the gym all the time. And my sports therapist has always said you know while you’re in the gym all the time, you need to find other things that fill you because yes, the gym does fill you. But outside you need other things that you need to be passionate about and have fun with. And I took a step back and I was like you know what, you’re right. Why can’t I go to the beach? Why can’t I go shopping? Why can’t I have a girls’ day with my friends and refill myself that way? Instead of just sit at home and try to rest?”

[10:18] Tip #4

“I started setting goals in gymnastics thinking what did I want to do with the sport. as I progressed and got older, I started setting more goals. And whenever I was around 14 years old, I made a lot of sacrifices. I decided to give up public school, go to home school, I gave up all the school dances, I’ve never been to a prom never done a lot of those things that maybe most of your kids are doing or want to do. But I fell in love with the sport so I guess that’s what I got out of it. I got to go to World Championships, I got to go to the Olympics. I got to live out a lot of dreams that most kids dream of since they were little kids and mommy and me classes. So I’m very grateful for that. But it also made me set goals at a very young age, which I can’t be more proud of.”

[11:52] Tip #5

“I think most of the time whenever we fall on our face or whatnot, it’s so embarrassing for ourselves. So we try not to think back to those moments. But then you can go back and you’re like, that’s the exact moment that I wanted to change what I was doing, so I couldn’t be more successful, or you thought I’m never going to let that happen again. So you almost use it as like ammo to be better. And to not let that happen because it is very shameful and embarrassing, and it’s just not fun. And it hurts. So we try not to do that. But those moments always make us stronger and build us into the person that we want to become.”

[13:09] Tip #6

“I was a little bit sad all the time, I kept asking my mom, like figure out something like I think there’s a way I can go to public school and do what I’m doing. But there was no possible way in Texas because of the amount of days I missed for all the assignments I got assigned, I would just fail out of the public schooling system. So we had a private teacher and I realized, how many kids can say they get to represent their country rather than like going public school. And I was like, Okay, my friends will always still be there and stuff. So I soon realized it but it took a lot of crying.”

[14:11] Tip #7

“I would just say to stay focused. Make sure you’re having fun, make sure no one else is pulling you or forcing you to do what you love. So find your own passion. Don’t let I know, sorry, parents, but don’t let your parents tell you that you need to do “this” if you don’t have a passion for it anymore. It’s okay to move on. And I think that’s what my parents learned at a very young age. It’s always been my choice. And that’s why I’ve been so successful because they’ve never forced me to go to the gym. Even when I was sick. I was like, Can I please go? They’re like, no, you’re sick. And I’m like, I don’t understand. So it’s always been my choice. And I’ve always written down my goals at the beginning of the year. So I always have something to work towards. So I think that was super helpful as well.”

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