Super U Podcast | 7 Super Tips with Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, African anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa gives us insight into how he believes people can change the world, his hopes for the future, and why listening is so important.

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Super U Podcast | 7 Super Tips with Nelson Mandela:

[3:40] Tip #1

“You must fight the battle for dignity on the very first day you go to jail. And that’s what we did. We put our foot down and insisted in being respected, even though we’re prisoners. And we’ve actually succeeded in that when I was in the company of great men and some of them are more qualified, more talented than I am and sit down with them to exchange yours was one of the most revealing experiences I had.”

[4:25] Tip #2

“Our emotions say the white man now that is an enemy, we must never talk to them. But our brains say if you don’t talk to this man, your country will go up in flames. And for many years to come, this country would be engulfed in rivers of blood. So we had to reconcile that conflict. And our talking to the enemy was the result of the domination of the brain of emotions. I hated oppression. And when I think about the past the type of things they did, I feel angry, you have a limited time to stay on Earth, you must try and use that period for the purpose of transforming your country into what your desire to be democratic, non-racial, non-sexist country.

[7:13] Tip #3

“Every human day young, old is an inspiration towards those who want solutions to problems, national and international. You can get a lot by listening carefully to what they say. sharing with them intimate feelings. By children of course I have not seen for 27 years. And when I came out, I had to pay more attention to them. Because as you know, children are the most important asset in any country. Any country that does not care for you, is not worth to be called a country.

[8:54] Tip #4

“Well, my heroes are men and women to whatever station in life they may be or are committed to removing some of the most serious socioeconomic issues that affected the common people. Poverty, which is the greatest challenge facing human beings in this century. Illiteracy, hunger, starvation, terminal diseases like HIV/AIDS, or cancer. These are the people who are my heroes. Whatever stage in your life, they don’t suppose.”

[10:19] Tip #5

“As long as there are men and women… who are sensitive to the suffering of the common person, this world will eventually be what we want it to be. On all continents, there are capable men and women, experienced, who are rising to the challenges which are posed by the numerous problems that affect humanity. And I am confident that this world one day will be the type of world we all desire.”

[11:34] Tip #6

“If you spend that 27 years in jail, where you waste your life, the flower of your life, you have no time to be negative, to be pessimistic. You select a target, which you feel will enrich you if you strive to attain that target. If you’re going to do that, there is no time for patroness, you must mobilize everybody who has the skill, the talent to enable you to reach your target. And therefore, you have to treat every human being as one with impeccable integrity, and honesty. Because if you do so, that is how people are going to relate to you. And they will support you in all your endeavors.”

[13:02] Tip #7

“Well, reconciliation generally speaking, takes place where there are two or more contending parties to an issue. It is normally the more powerful part in that dispute, that takes the initiative. In South Africa, we had the advantage of the oppressed of a just cause number in comparison to the role in a minority. We have the support of the international community and everybody. When we returned from exile, emerged from underground, came out of prison, there was no doubt that this was the future government of the country. We destroyed white supremacy as the liberation movement. But we could not effect a peaceful transformation without talking to our enemies, addressing their fears as a minority and the trauma of losing power. It was under those circumstances that have a consolation took place in South Africa. Here the situation is different. The Aboriginals are a minority of about 2 million, if I’m not mistaken, in a population of about 10 million. They are not in the advantageous position in which we were in South Africa. We would therefore expect the rolling majority to take the initiative to ensure that it aliens have that minority are addressed and that our programs of upliftment are made available for them.”

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