Super U Podcast | 7 Super Tips with Mark Wystrach

Mark Wystrach is an American country music musician and actor. He’s the lead singer of the country band Midland. Midland is an American country music group formed in Dripping Springs, Texas. Midland’s musical styles are neotraditional countryTexas country and country rock. In 2018, Midland won ACM’s New Vocal Group of the Year. They’ve also been nominated for five CMA awards including New Artist of the Year and Single of the Year.

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Super U Podcast | 7 Super Tips with Mark Wystrach

[4:25] Tip #1

“Being in a band is like being in a relationship. But you know, the three of us have been through so much together. We all met in Los Angeles playing music, you know a while ago. And when you go through this incredible journey that we’ve been on since we started this band, it really is fused us as brothers and friends and we love each other and in fact, the relationship is healthy and we do approach it like that. But yeah, it’s there’s that friction and that tension it really does drive us creatively it. Yeah, you have to have that as part of the deal, but we love each other.”

[5:14] Tip #2

“Always be the water. Don’t be the rock, I know that everybody’s always saying you gotta be strong like a rock, you want to be a mountain, and moveable mountains eventually get eroded away, the most powerful force is actually water, and the water moves around an object that standing in its way. So don’t be eroded. Don’t be anchored in your position. In this life, it needs to be fluid.”

[5:54] Tip #3

“I think if anybody ever told you how much struggle and how much failure and really how much toil and work and just and heartache really does go into it, I don’t know if I would have pursued it, to be honest with you. And this is bliss when he started out doing anything and it’s unnecessary. I think if anybody if anybody knew what it takes, it’s just a lot of really putting yourself out there and, and being brave enough to, to want to grow and to want to surround yourself by people more talented, you know, smarter, you know, maybe with better musical knowledge and that’s what I’ve always sought myself. So and that’s what I have with Jessen cam, I mean these guys can when it comes to music, history when it comes to you know, music, musicianship, etc these guys run circles around me.”

[7:03] Tip #4

“There’s a certain dairy that it takes to dive into that subject matter, you know, but the reality is, it’s happening. Its part of the human experience and I think part of your duty as an artist and as especially as a country singer, which is so much there’s it’s so much of it is rooted in in the blues and you know, guys like Conway Twitty and Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings and Patsy Cline and everybody it’s been in the tradition of country music for a long time to tell not just the sunny side of life was beautiful but also to talk about you know, stuff that happens behind closed doors and that’s as Cameron calls it, like the gray area, but the song musically is is gorgeous and the melodies are beautiful so there’s like there’s it’s almost like a ruse it’s a kind of it’s like make making something kind of ugly and maybe dark and making it kind of beautiful in this presentation.”

[8:25] Tip #5

“You spend your whole life and you spend years and years and years of just failing and struggling and that taste never leaves your mouth that that memory of playing to empty rooms you know being dead broke you know negative bank accounts that never really leaves you you know that oh is there so it does become a wild thing but then you got to look at it in the long play of things.”

[9:05] Tip #6

“You know I think in the recording process, each one of us has a pretty strong opinion and a sharp ear and we’re not interested in just trying to replicate that so what this journey has been about since the four of us got together is taking our collective influences and backgrounds and music and our collective voices songwriters and then translating that into our sound.”

[9:52] Tip #7

“For better for worse, you know it’s big it can be tough to you know the road is tough and a lot of my heroes weren’t that as role models you know so it is a precarious career path and a way to make a living but when you step on the stage at the Ryman, I wouldn’t trade anything I wouldn’t trade any of the hardships I wouldn’t trade any of it. I would do it for free got really.”

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