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Dolly Parton is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actress, author, businesswoman and humanitarian, known primarily for her work in country music. After achieving success as a songwriter for others, Parton made her album debut in 1967 with Hello, I’m Dolly, which led to success during the remainder of the 1960s, before her sales and chart peak came during the 1970s and continued into the 1980s. Parton achieved commercial success again in the new millennium and has released albums on various independent labels since 2000, including her own label, Dolly Records. She has sold more than 100 million records worldwide.

5x #1 Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker Erik Qualman has performed in over 55 countries and reached over 50 million people this past decade. He was voted the 2nd Most Likable Author in the World behind Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling.

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Super U Podcast | 7 Super Tips with Dolly Parton:

[4:41] Tip #1

“Some light and some sunshine and people need to know that people are out there still doing things and I always say that every day when I wake up ask God to use me to let me shine and radiate with His love and light and let me uplift people and glorify Him. So I set out about my day trying to do that and I’m not wanting to lay around and mope around and be, I mean, even when you’re don’t like what you’re seeing, like with all this COVID stuff, I think, well, I’ve still got to be productive, I still need to do something. So I just want to make people feel good which makes me feel good. And so it’s working so far.”

[5:45] Tip #2

“love country music. And I started out with that dream of just being a songwriter and a singer and wanted to be on the Grand Ole Opry wanted to travel the world. But as you go along, you learn new things as you go. And then you think, Well, I can make something more out of that I can do this, I can do that. So I just always left myself open to kind of work in an open, honest way as best as I could. And I just love doing it. And it just seemed to fall naturally. For me. It’s just a way of life with us, as you will know. And all those things just seem to fall into their proper place.”

[6:57] Tip #3

“tried to make everything positive. There have been times where I have, I guess failed myself. In some ways. I’ve never felt that if I truly followed my own anger, my own valence. Everything usually works out fine because I know what I’m dealing with and how to work it. But sometimes you get involved and I’m sure you know this being in this business. Sometimes you get involved with other people that think they know best. And they try to convince you that this is the right way to go. And it’s only when I have allowed someone else to steer me wrong. I never did it though not knowing that it wasn’t right. I’ve sometimes done things to try to keep the peace or to please somebody else or let them know I have trust and confidence in him, even when I know better than to do it. So the only times that I’ve ever done things that didn’t work out is when I’ve not followed my own gut. My own instinct.”

[8:22] Tip #4

“Well, first of all, you need to love that person before you you marry him. You need to marry them for all the right reasons from love and respect and compatibility. That always happens don’t just get married because you think you’re getting too old. Or you think well I’m never gonna do it if I don’t do it now or they’ve got money or they’ve got this do it for love, all the right reasons. And my husband I’ve always liked each other. We both have a crazy warped sense of humor so we’ve always had a lot of fun and we’ve always enjoyed each other’s company we have enough stuff in common like this we like same foods and you know it’s like we both are compatible with the temperature in the room we don’t fight over the air conditioner or the heater you know, the usual things most people fight about. So we get we just actually get along good. You know, with all that and, and we respect each other”

[9:47] Tip #5

“You just work headed you sacrifice for you. You work with it, you work toward it. And so you just don’t give up. Don’t lose momentum Don’t. Don’t just throw it aside and say I’m going to do this for a while. and you’re going to pick it back up. Okay? Never turn it loose, you have to keep the momentum going and you’ll get lost by the wayside. That’s called sacrifice. And it was almost like, I didn’t hear it like in like a big booming voice, but it was like a voice inside me. It just said, you just go and you keep going until I tell you just stop. And I’ve just done that. And he said, Stop yet. And so I keep going. And I thought, well if I’m going to do it, I’ve got to devote time, effort, Blood, Sweat Tears. I wrote a song called sacrifice years ago, and he said I was going to be reached No matter how much it cost and I was going to win no matter how much I lost. And down through the years, I’ve kept my eye on the prize, and you ask if it’s worth the sacrifice, but anyways, all about that type of thing, but you got to decide if it’s worth it to you, but you can’t let up.”

[11:57] Tip #6

“Well, I love what I do. And there’s a great energy that comes from being productive and being creative and seeing and things really work. And that inspires you to do something else. But sometimes I always said I’ve been singing myself into a corner for a long time. So it was my dream, it was my wish. So I’ve wished myself and dreamed myself into a corner. So I’ve got to be responsible for all that. And so I see so many things that I can do. You know because of this or that some springboard to this or it’s like a tree with you know, the good solid roots and foundation and then you got all your lands, you got all your leaves, you just gotta you can do so many things. Yeah, you branch out. So I see every day little things that I can do because of something else. And plus it keeps me young. It keeps me happy and healthy, being able to be productive.”

[13:13] Tip #7

“I don’t think we did nine to five with Jane, Lilly years ago, we made a great statement at that time. And I think it did improve a lot of things. But so many things need to be improved on still, you know, you need to be paid for what you do. You need to be respected for what you do. You need to be appreciated for what you do. Whether you’re a woman or a man, it doesn’t matter about any of that you just should be looked at as a human being and treated with respect are really, you know, have always had a great relationship with men because of my dad and my brothers and my uncles that I was very because I could stand up and just acting like I was talking to one of my uncle’s or one of my brothers and said, You’re not pushing me around. You know, I’m not just some silly little girl here. I’m a songwriter. And now I’m a singer and I got some smarts and I think I can make us both a lot of money. And we got to learn to stand up a little more as women to know maybe this will help some people be a little stronger.”

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