Super U Podcast | 7 Super Tips with Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Controversy is covered along with 7 Super Tips from the Emmy and Grammy Award-winning comedian. Chappelle currently is the star of the Netflix show “The Closer”. The famous comedian shares his thoughts and insights that have helped him conquer the various bumps and turns of his career.

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Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

Super U Podcast | 7 Super Tips with Dave Chappelle:

[5:30] Tip #1

“When you’re young, you know you know that you’re only as good as your last show and all that stuff. And so you know, you’ll meet comics, who do a bad show and then feel bad about themselves. I don’t do that anymore. For me, the beauty is in the attempt. The beauty is in like that, that long walk to the stage to the microphone. I can’t explain it but that’s what it is like. You know, the icon. Um, you know, one time they show in my kids were there. I was getting heckled and all kinds of stuff. And I remember I looked at my son, you stand on the side of the stage, he’s looking at all this chaos Lego set. They’ll never break me. And we both started laughing. It was chaos out there. We both style laughing. But that’s kind of what it is like it’s fun.”

[8:23] Tip #2

“So I was really breaking from tradition. And it was like a graduation lunch we were having. They had my dad come and talk to me and my dad takes me outside. And he’s like, “Listen, and this is some advice class, all you acting students.” He says the beer Act is a lonely life. Everybody wants to make it and you might not make it. And I saved my day. Well, it depends on what “making it is there. Hands on, but making it his day. He says What do you mean? I said, Well, you’re a teacher. I said, If I could make a teacher salary doing comedy, I think that’s better than being a teacher. And he started laughing. He said, If you keep that attitude, I think you should go. He said, But Name your price. In the beginning, if it ever gets more expensive than the pricing name, get out of this Africa.”

[10:32] Tip #3

“I just want you guys to remember, you know that right now is this thing where we’re ethics aren’t what they used to be this idea that people are trying to replace the ideas of good and bad, with better or worse, and that is incorrect. Yeah, keep your ethics and tax because good and bad is a compass that helps you find a way in a person that only does was better or worse, is the easiest type of person to control. They are a mouse and a maze that just finds the cheese. But the one who knows about good and bad, will realize that he’s in a maze. So that being said, I just hope that all of you guys transcend whatever you see as your obstacles, and that you live outstanding lives and that you stay connected to your communities because he has so much power there. And that you grow your communities and you diversify communities, and that you don’t let anybody tell you you can’t. Or to be afraid it’s okay to be afraid. Because you can’t be brave or courageous. Without fear. The idea of being courageous is that even though you’re scared, you just do the right thing anyway.”

[15:39] Tip #4

“All the things that I’ve done, I’m most renowned for what I didn’t do. I’ve made decisions in my career that a lot of people have called insane. 2004 had $50 million deal on the table. And in a crisis of conscience, flipped the table over and walked away, went south Africa, everyone said I was running away from the money. That is not true. In fact, I still want that money. That day that I wanted to just share with you guys is the idea that sometimes you do what you think is best. whether anybody understands or not. I heard a story about my father was someone told me he used to do statistics for a company in DC, the company this statistics for started doing business with the South African government. So he quit his job. It’s caused a lot of problems between him and his wife. It’s hard for me when he can provide for his family the way he wants to. And he suffered through it. And a generation later, when I had my crisis of kindness, I was able to go to a free South Africa and get away from me. So I did that what you do in your lifetime informs the generations that come after you is something like keep thinking about something that is so much bigger than just ourselves.”

[18:32] Tip #5

“Because so much of our answer depends on how you feel any given day. But it lives forever. That your opinions about things can change, your view of yourself can change. And yet this is on the permanent record. Now When shall we complain about it? Because someone can look at them and say, well, you said 1984 that this, that or the other end, and that’s the cross you have to bear when you engage the press. And more important than that, I talk for a living. So I don’t want to blather about me blabbering. You know what I mean, I just want to rather just do it.”

[22:56] Tip #6

“I was a soft kid, I was sensitive, I cry easily, and I would be scared to fistfight. And my mother used to tell me this thing I don’t know if you remember, but you said this to me more than once. You said Son, sometimes you have to be a lion. So you can be the lamb you really are. I talked like a lion. I’m not afraid of any of you when it comes word. I will gab with the best of them. Just so I can chill and be me. And that’s why I love my art form because I understand every practitioner of it. Whether I agree with them on that. I know where they’re coming from they want to be heard they got something to say there’s something notice they just want to be understood. Love this genre. It’s saved my life.”

[24:47] Tip #7

“What was interesting about it to me, wasn’t what the comedians were trying as much as it was, the way the crowds would listen to them. I was one of the setups if you went there and just did your ad. No matter how funny the act is that’s not what they wanted to see. What they wanted to see was someone take a chance. And that shit was like heaven on earth. When a crowd pushes someone to just try some stuff they don’t you don’t have the land the trick but the beauty is in the attempt just try it. Whatever this thing is that you are worried it makes me nervous or uncomfortable. And that that scene made a profound pressure on me that that was possible that you could make a crowd into that. Because I’m you know, comedians are addicted to the process of refinement.”

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