Super U Podcast | 7 Super Tips with Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande two-time Grammy Award Winner, 22-time Guinness World Record Holder, and singer and actress gives us insight into her love for music, advice her family gave her, and how she defines success for herself.

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Super U Podcast | 7 Super Tips with Ariana Grande:

[2:54] Tip #1

“Be yourself, you know, and in your most genuine possible way, and are completely unafraid. That’s when everything starts to fall into place. And that takes a while, especially with so much public like, you know, rumors and opinions. You know what I mean? It’s like, yeah, you get scared, and you want to hold back a little. But then I was like, You know what, like, none of this would be happening if I just showed like, just was like, just was myself. And I went out and I was my silly self. And then you go and it like all goes away. And then you’re like, that’s me. When you let go and you’re like, here you go. Take it or leave it with you. Like, why hold back, you can only have one life. Just have fun and be yourself. And don’t worry about the rest. it all falls into place.”

[5:34] Tip #2

“I feel like I’m at a point where I can use my voice and I can yell about things that I’m passionate about. And, and they, you know, that’s, that’s a blessing. I’m excited. I don’t want to just entertain I want to, I want to make people feel something, I want to make people, you know, feel, I want to make people give back and feel empowered and feel happy. And you know, like, they’re not alone, you know, whatever. All that good stuff. It’s exciting to be able to use my voice to do this.”

[7:16] Tip #3

“I’ve loved music My whole life. And right now I’m in a position where I get to do it and pursue it. And it’s sort of my like life now. So that’s a dream come true. If I think about it for too long, gets a little intimidating, but not really, I’m really enjoying it. And I feel so blessed and so lucky. There are so many people out there who are insanely talented and deserve to be noticed and deserve to be recognized and whatever. Coming from a girl whose brothers on a reality show right now. So yeah, I think there are many talented people out there. I think those shows are sometimes great for finding that talent and giving those opportunities to so many people. Regardless of what business you’re involved in, or what industry you work in, taking care of yourself is a full-time job. I think that you know, singing and performing and making music that’s not my job. That’s sort of like my Dharma that’s kind of just like what I do. My real job is like taking care of myself and fixing myself and growing as a person and like taking care of my family and my friends and people that I love and things like that like that’s the real work and I think that that’s so hard.”

[8:56] Tip #4

“I’ve been thinking about everything that my grandma has been like saying to me like my whole life recently, obviously. And um, he always told me that in his line of work, even though there were different lines of work that you know, he was at the top in his business, he was at the top of his game and people were so mean to him left and right and everybody was always trying to tear him down and he was just like, telling me that I would be in the same situation and he said baby while you keep your chin up and you keep going and you sing and that’s it. You focus on the good keep going and you are surrounded by love you’re protected by love. You are blessed to be able to do what you do. Don’t let it make you skip a beat that advice from him has always sort of resonated.”

[9:54] Tip #5

“Sometimes it takes a really crazy toll on me and I’ll be really sad for like, a couple of days. in a row, when I read something that makes me feel awful, because I am such an extreme, like purist when it comes to people like I want everyone to be my friend, and I, like desperately love and want to hug everyone I encounter like literally I’m like, wow, I wish everyone would come over for dinner right now and never leave. I’ve had that since I was a little girl like my mom always said like, Ariana that, like, gotta like, let it end. Like you gotta let [them] go home at some point. You know what I mean? Like, I just want to like, take everyone in as like a love hostage. Does that make sense? And that’s for sure the most poetic thing I’ve ever said. But anyway, um, I want to just, like make friends with everyone in love everyone. So it takes a toll on me emotionally because I want people to get that. And I understand that not everyone knows me at all. I probably wouldn’t like me if I only knew what the world knows of me or reads of me.”

[12:11] Tip #6

“I really try not to and I’ll tell you why. With all due respect to the Recording Academy, I respect them so greatly. And to billboard whom, I also respect so greatly. I don’t, I didn’t come into this business. being driven towards things like that, like I just wanted to sing. All I ever wanted to do was sing and write and perform and dance around and make music I’ve loved singing my entire life. Since I was able to talk I was able to sing. That’s all I ever wanted. So I never really gave, I never wanted to do photoshoots I never wanted to do red carpets. hate it. hate it, hate it. Oh, literally, my pants hated. Every picture is ugly. Take me home, I can’t be here, I just wanna say all I want to do is be in a room with lights off and saying, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted. I’m honored to be acknowledged. I’m honored to have had my first two number ones, with my friends that are in this room. It’s very exciting. It’s very exciting when it happens. It really is. And I’m not gonna pretend like it’s not because it is and it’s wonderful. It’s a really great feeling. But I don’t like that getting becoming something that’s like of importance because it’s not. It doesn’t make me any greater of an artist or lesser of an artist because all of my favorite albums don’t have Grammys. All of my favorite artists didn’t have Grammys or number ones for actually, I don’t think any of my favorite artists have number ones except Madonna.”

[14:36] Tip #7

“I make songs sometimes I am a dog Mom, I am an editor, a producer, a vocal arranger, a writer, a dancer, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, I do a lot of it’s like I have an amazing team and I work with a lot of really great people. But I control every single shot like I Every single shot, I control every little thing and I used to do not and I used to be able to like, pass things off and kind of trust people with other things, and then it would go horribly wrong and now the only option is to literally fill every position. I look at my mom like my mom’s a CEO and engineer a mom, like the most fierce battle in the world. And I think that I learned a lot of that from her because she does everything herself as well. Like she can’t you know, and it’s she has an amazing company and she has incredible employees and brilliant engineers that are manufacturing marine communication equipment. Do you know what I mean? Like all day long, she has to approve every call, every shot, every position.”

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