Super Bowl Halftime Drones

Starry (Drone) Night at Super Bowl LI

Leave it to Lady Gaga to impress all her little monsters once more. Lady Gaga used Intel’s shooting star drones in the opening and closing acts of the Super Bowl halftime show, becoming a hit in seconds. For the Super Bowl, Intel reportedly used hundreds of drones (no exact figure yet) to replicate an American flag, but we can be fairly sure that they were the only ones at the Super Bowl since the FAA made the Super Bowl a “no drone zone” for the event. The web is already surfing with memes of her flying down after waving goodbye to her drone fleet. If you missed the Super Bowl, here are the best commercial ads of the night. Our favorite is Mr. Clean  (Source: Mashable)

Facebook Fake News Redemption

Facebook has launched an initiative aimed to eliminate fake news in France during France’s upcoming presidential election. Le Monde, a French daily afternoon newspaper,  indicates that French media companies have been reluctant to partner with the social network due to concerns about the ability to properly fact-check This new Facebook initiative appears to be helping as Le Monde, and other publishers are now partnering with Facebook. Facebook is adamant that they can now limit the visibility of articles flagged as false. (Source: The Verge)

New Resolution Satellites Aid Whale Researchers

In Australia, a group of whale researchers is turning to satellites to help spot humpback whales. The satellites are being used to take a census of the humpback whale population to determine if it has recovered to its full potential. The animals were hunted almost to extinction in the early to mid 20th century. These satellites are also a newer and cheaper solution for researchers to perform this task. As Curt Jenner, managing director of the Center for Whale Research, says “As time goes on, only your imagination limits what can be done as the technology gets better.” (Source: Mashable)

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