Straws Can Change Everything

The Straw that Saves Lives

Teenagers Susana Cappello, Carolina Baigorri and Victoria Roca have successfully invented a straw that detects date rape drugs when placed in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The high school students took first place in the Miami Herald’s 2017 Business Plan Challenge with their winning concept, Smart Straws.  “Our goal is to be a possible solution to lower the statistics of rape,” Cappello said in an interview. In fact, a 2016 study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that 21 percent of undergraduate women across nine schools experienced sexual assault since entering college, and most incidents involve the consumption of alcohol and drugs. (Source: CNET)


Xbox One X

Been pining for the original Xbox games lately? You’re in luck! Microsoft is officially bringing backward compatibility surprising gamers with games from years past. Announced at E3, the company plans on launching the product on November 7th worldwide for $499. Advantages including its small size, a sleek design, and a noticeable performance boost, expectations are running high in the gaming world. Or maybe that’s just the sound of the clans clashing. (Source: The Verge)


Notifications, Email, and Texts! Oh My!

Do you ever wonder why your email is always full of promotions? Or why you, as a customer, get the choice to opt-in to push notifications and SMS messages from brands? Recent studies have shown that giving users the power is the ideal strategy for brands aiming to build trust. By deputizing customers and involving them in the process of choosing our own style of communication, consumers are inherently more likely to instill trust in the brand. When companies market directly into people’s pockets, consumers believe they have a part in something greater than themselves and, are much more likely to purchase goods and services. #ohsnap #digitalcapitalism (Source: Tech Crunch)

About the Author: Erik Qualman

Often called a Digital Dale Carnegie and The Tony Robbins of Tech, Erik Qualman is a #1 Best Selling Author and Motivational Keynote Speaker that has spoken in 49 countries.

His Socialnomics work has been featured on 60 Minutes to the Wall Street Journal and used by the National Guard to NASA. His book Digital Leader propelled him to be voted the 2nd Most Likeable Author in the World behind Harry Potter's J.K. Rowling. Qualman is a sitting professor at Harvard & MIT's edX labs.

His latest book What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube is a Pulitzer Prize nominated work.
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