Spotify to Produce Video Series

Spotify Produces Video Series

Want to know the latest pop culture and music news in 15 minutes or less? Spotify has you covered, since they announced today they’ll be expanding its video program to include 12 new trendy shows all centered on musical entertainment. It’s been a solid year since the streaming platform first announced plans for video streaming, which ultimately led to showing video clips with partners ESPN, MTV and Comedy Central. Now they’re stepping it up a notch with long-term plans to break into comedy, animation genres, along with arrangements to collaborate with artists. Video campaigns are all the rage right now. Competitors Apple Music and Tidal have recently started to expand their offerings, all in hopes of bringing in more paid subscribers. (Source: The Verge)

Amazon Ain’t Playing Around

The guns are officially out when it comes to the Amazon vs. YouTube battle. The new Amazon Video Direct service released today allows video creators a piece of the revenue pie from any content they produce. Video creators will be able to earn money in a variety of ways including royalties through streaming by Prime members, and revenue sharing from rentals, subscriptions, purchases, and of course ad impressions. Creators will need to opt-in to share their content and a bonus from Amazon as they will be sharing $1 million per month to the top 100 titles. This new user-generated model seems like a kicka$% way to earn some money for your latest video series and a smart move by Amazon since online streaming is what all the cool kids are doing. (Source: The Verge)

Have a Lot to Say, but Twitter Says No?
Tweetbot knows the struggle of how fast 140 characters can be. Now if you’ve got a long message that won’t fit in a single tweet, there’s no need to fret. A new solution called Topics allows you to tweet a group of related messages all by using the same hashtag seamlessly. Use the new feature by pressing on the gear button after composing a tweet and then by pressing the + button. Finally, add your hashtag or title.resto! You’ve got yourself a new campaign. Happy tweeting. (Source: Mashable)

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