Soaring Stocks

Facebook Crushes Earnings

Remember when people were saying a few years ago that all the “cool kids” were leaving Facebook? We disagreed with this notion at the time. We are fortunate that over 200 universities use our books, so when we polled students from High School to Harvard we saw they were still using the world’s largest social media platform. Then Facebook went and bought Instagram for an absolute steal at $1 Billion, and focused their efforts on mobile. These efforts appear to be paying dividends. The social media giant toppled fourth quarter estimates on revenue and earnings per share; rising more than 3% and reaching an all-time high of $137.26 in the after hour session on Wednesday. It’s slightly down at the open this morning. The social media company posted revenue of $8.81 billion in the period, which also beat Street forecasts. Eleven analysts surveyed by Zacks expected $8.47 billion. That’s up 51 percent from revenue of $5.84 billion a year ago. (Source: NASDAQ, New York Times).


Apple Stock Has Best Day Since 2014

Did we happen to mention soaring stocks? In comes Apple. The tech giant’s stock has risen 17% over the past 3 months. In the start of its new fiscal year, Apple’s first quarter sales rose 3% to $78.3 billion (insert gasp emoji). As long as the new iPhone doesn’t burst into flames like another tech company we know (cough…Samsung), we’re thinking “success” for this tech giant, at least in the short term. The long term still has questions in their ability to innovate without a person that rhymes with Sobs. (Source: Fortune).


Beyonce’s Pregnancy Photo Most Liked Image Ever on Instagram

Who else would take the throne for the most liked photo ever on Instagram other than Queen Bey? Tallying over 7.4M likes on Insta, Beyoncé announced her family would be having twins with a photo of her pregnancy. Gathering over 360,000 comments and a number of memes, the photo is sure to add to the legacy the the pop-singer has created for herself. Swipe to the left to the left. (Source: Mashable).
Speaking of babies, our new baby is How to Sell on LinkedIn


Facebook is always a fantastic platform for any business structure. This motivational speaker knows social media inside and out.

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