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Snapchat Rolling In For the W

The feeling you get when you find a random $20 bill on the ground and no one is around to claim it. That’s how Snapchat must be feeling ever since they started flexing their muscles by vamping up their ad game. It’s no news that Snapchat has been trying to tailor its ad offerings by shifting to more real-time content. Well, yesterday advertisers got extra gitty because Snapchat finally released its much-anticipated update. The new offerings are kickstarted by two different partnerships. One part of the new Snapchat Ads, formerly called 3V, is partnering with companies like Sun Creative and Moment Studio to help advertisers create the campaigns themselves. The second half of the partnership involves companies like TubeMogul and Adaptively who will handle the technical side of things and work to optimize created ads. And, yes you guessed it, Snapchat is officially on its way to becoming a social media powerhouse. (Source: MSN)

Uber Partnering With Public Transit

Uber is testing out a completely new way to fetch a ride and it doesn’t involve a smartphone. The ride-sharing app is testing out a telephone dispatch system for people to call and order a ride. The system is a way for people that don’t have a vehicle or do not have access to public transportation to make their way around. Uber’s long-term plan is to become buddy buddy with public transit systems and attract a new demographic of riders. Uber knows the secret to success starts with helping others. (Source: MSN)

Apps To End Your Endless Funk
If you’ve found yourself eating two-week old pizza and getting way too attached to The Bachelorette’s recent rose ceremony you may need some guidance. Deepak Chopra, the best-selling author and frequent star on the Oprah Winfrey show, has formatted an app to teach positive behavior. The platform called Jiyo meaning “may you live long and prosper” offers you meditation guidance, sleep therapy, and “micronudges” to motivate positive behavior. The platform syncs with wearables and uses a journal-like format to spark peaceful and prosperous living. If you’re waiting for a sign from the universe to get out of your funk, consider Jiyo a possible path. (Source: MarketWatch)

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