Snapchat Surpasses Twitter for Daily Users

Snapchat Takes Over

Ding ding ding…Snapchat just rang in as surpassing Twitter for the total amount of daily users. Neither company publicly reports how many daily active users they rack in, but Bloomberg just reported that Twitter’s 140 million users have been punked by Snapchat’s 150 million and counting. Twitter ain’t so happy, they’ve been struggling to gain users and recently their total monthly users shrank… uh oh. With Twitter being ten-years-old and Snapchat five, it’s the equivalent of the youngest child getting a star scholarship and the oldest sibling struggling on the SAT’s. (Source: The Verge)

Tesla Throws a Curveball

Tesla’s Model 3 has been gaining more anticipation than the first raindrop from a twelve-year drought. However, soon-to-be owners of the mid-priced model, which will be available by 2017, aren’t such happy campers. Tesla just announced that Model 3 owners will have to pay for access to the company’s Network of supercharging stations. FYI current Tesla owners don’t have to pay for such access. CEO Elon Musk said this move is necessary to keep the price of the car relatively low. In a shareholder meeting Musk said, “The obvious thing to do is decouple that from the cost of the Model 3.” Guess everything can’t be sunshine and rainbows. At least you’ll be driving a car that makes you look like Batman. (Source: MSN)

Google Empowers Digital Privacy
Ever wonder what kind of dirt has been collected on your digital self? Google is now giving you the power to search yourself. Within the next few weeks, you’ll see a shortcut tab with details of your personal digital footprint. The update comes from Google, learning many people are conducting “vanity searches” to learn more about themselves. The feature is an update to Google’s “My Account” hub in hopes people will begin taking online privacy more seriously… don’t want to say we told you so, but we did. Need to learn more about digital reputations? Check out all the details here. (Source: MSN)

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