Snapchat…Sorry…Snap Inc. to IPO

Snap Inc’s IPO

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, as Snap Inc. is getting ready for their Initial Public Offering (IPO). According to the paperwork, they are preparing;the IPO could happen sometime in March of 2017. It was reported in May that Snap Inc.’s possible valuation has jumped from its previous market cap of $17.8 billion to $25 billion. Their IPO will come just after they introduce their new product Spectacles. (Source: BuzzFeed)


Virtual Reality Emojis

Since the invention of emojis, we can now accurately display how we feel through text message, when tone of voice cannot be displayed. Facebook wants to take emojis one step further, with the invention of “VR emoji” or virtual reality emojis. There is no set time for this to release, but Facebook has plans to come up with “a language that triggers your avatar to make certain emotions.” So if you wanna show that you #NailedIt, throw your hands up and cheer as your avatar will do the same. Michael Booth, head of the social VR project, is using VR emojis as a way to get their foot in the Virtual Reality door. (Source: TechCrunch)


Giphy Cam Has Stickers

Is it pronounced gif or jif? We prefer the old school pronunciation of “gif.”The Giphy Cam app just released a 2.0 version aptly named Giphy Cam 2.5. The new update will now allow you to “place animations next to real-life footage” called “stickers.” The stickers will alter Giphy from just being 2D animations into a sort of augmented reality, kind of like Pokémon Go. In addition to the stickers, the app has the ability to turn live photos into GIFS and stickers. But, there is one downside to the app, you’re on your own. The company wanted “a sense of surprise, things you discover,” therefore there is no support. Happy app discovering on your Friday!! (Source: Mashable)


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