Snapchat Is At It Again

First Surgery Recorded with Snapchat Spectacles

Dr. Shafi Ahmed has taken surgery to the next level. Dr. Ahmed, a teaching surgeon in the UK decided to use Snapchat’s Spectacles to record a hernia procedure for his students to view. This is the first surgery to be recorded with Spectacles and the doctor needed an assistant to help him record. Snapchat only records 10 seconds of video and the same is true for Spectacles. The Snapchat video already has over 80,000 views on YouTube. Dr. Ahmed did several tests wearing Spectacles to ensure his vision would not be impaired. You can follow Dr. Ahmed on Snapchat under virtualsurgeon to learn some new moves or more on wearable technology. (Source: Mashable)

Netflix Security Tested

Little Pig, Little Pig let me in…. Like the old fable suggests, make sure you build your house with a strong foundation. Netflix seems to have built theirs with hay. Their Twitter account was hacked by OurMine, a small group of individuals who set out to test the security of big companies. The group posted several tweets, one of  which included OurMine’s email address for Netflix to ask them questions on how they can strengthen their security. This isn’t OurMine’s first hack.,Earlier in the year they managed to hack the Twitter accounts of Channing Tatum, TechCrunch and Google CE O,Sundar Pichai. The group hasn’t done much harm once they hack the accounts, but they do advise Twitter account holders to contact them.To provide awareness on how to strengthen their account security. Sounds like a great business development approach for OurMine. (Source: TechCrunch)

Morgan Freeman AI Assistant

Morgan Freeman can now update his LinkedIn and add AI assistant to his profile. Mark Zuckerberg created an AI assistant named Jarvis who will be voiced by none other than Morgan Freeman.The name Jarvis comes from a character in the popular comic book series “Iron Man”. Zuckerberg surveyed Facebook users and Morgan Freeman’s voice was chosen by popular demand – did they really need to take a survey to determine this? Zuckerberg may release his AI to the public but, as of now, the code is only for the Zuckerberg household. The technology advances to Freeman being the voice of the AI are huge. There will no longer be a robotic sound to the assistants, bringing gender neutrality to the market. Users will be more forgiving to the errors made by the AI, helping the AI learn from its mistakes. In the meantime, we still have Siri’s sassiness and Cortana’s need to help us through the day. Rumor is Amazon’s Alexa is hungover from all the holiday shopping. (Source: BBC News)


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