Snapchat Changes Everything You Know & Love with New Update

Snapchat Releases Digital Scrapbook

Put down the glue guns and the overpriced scrapbook paper. Snapchat is answering our artistic dreams by releasing a new feature that allows us to stitch together our very own camera roll. The feature called Memories, allows us to save snaps and edit them together later. Which you can either repost as a “flashback” or save to show off at your next family reunion. This pivot comes from other platforms like Facebook using posted photos to celebrate past milestones, like anniversaries and graduations. In addition to Memories, Snapchat also incorporated a “My eyes only” feature which is a passcode enabled  to archive posts. The new features will be rolling out overtime and all we’ve got to say is make sure to screen your posts before showing Grandma Penny. This is a massive strategic shift for Snapchat which has gained popularity primarily based on the ephemeral nature of snaps. (Source: CNBC)

Twitter + Wimbledon

It’s old news that Twitter bought rights to live stream NFL broadcasts. Now the platform is shifting to streaming live, live events. Twitter and ESPN paired up to showcase the Wimbledon tournament. How you ask? By giving a dedicated ESPN feed where you can watch the games live from anywhere. The price tag Twitter paid for such rights haven’t been disclosed, but since the NFL tag was upwards of $10 million it couldn’t have been cheap. Now when you’re stuck in post 4th traffic just whip out your phone and watch some tennis. (Source: MSN)

Instagram Nixes the Negative

We don’t have to tell you that the comments section of any forum can quickly turn into a breeding ground for Urban Dictionary terms and ‘your momma’ jokes. Instagram knows such tyranny and is fixing the problem. Instagram is letting business pages manage comments on their posts with the new Comment Moderation tool. The tool allows you to block terms and phrases that are commonly reported as offensive from appearing on posts. The tool is a way to eradicate derogatory slurs from starting and snowballing. When thousands of people are commenting and the reporting process is slow things can go from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK. (Source: TechCrunch)

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