Snapchat Acquires Bitstrips for $100 Million

Snapchat $100 Million Acquisition

Earlier this year, Snapchat acquired Bitstrips, the creator of our favorite personalized emojis. If you’re not familiar, Bitstrips makes Bitmojis. The app that lets you create a mini-me avatar and dress it up. Well, for a hefty price tag of $100 million you’ll now be able to send snaps with your avatar self-included. Snapchat has been rolling out all the stops lately. Earlier this month, they launched Memories, the feature which allows you to revisit your old snaps, and it’s only time before we see something else amazing rolling from the selfie crew. Yesterday, Warby Parker released a statement that they’re offering Snapchat exclusive sunglasses. We can’t see the future but our social psychics might be foreseeing a partnership. (Source: MSN)

**Shout out to Evan Spiegel the CEO of Snapchat for his engagement with supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Tinder Releases Social App..

Post-grad life… now what? That’s the age-old question everyone asks when they take the plunge from living with their parents to packing up and moving to California to pursue their acting career. Well don’t fret and hold off calling your therapist (for now), because Tinder is about to save your social life. Tinder Social is a new app that lets you swipe to match with other friend groups in the area. Planning a Game of Thrones bar crawl and need a posse to roll up with? That’s exactly something Tinder Social is crafted for. The app allows you to invite your Facebook friends and form groups with one another. When someone in your party matches with someone in another group, it becomes a perfect match and a group message is formed so you can coordinate matching outfits. Now instead of Netflix and chill, it’ll be let’s hang for a Pokemon and Battle session. The Tinder partner app has been in beta in Australia for quite some time but it’s officially hitting the states, helping you defeat the fear of Adult-a-phobia, which is the fear of not having a social life after college. (Source: TechCrunch)

Snowden Creates iPhone Case…

Not the move we thought would come from our favorite journalist, but nonetheless we’re completely ecstatic. The iPhone case was created to monitor signals sent to the phone’s internal antennas. Meaning it’s a way to detect if data is being transmitted that could potentially put the smartphone’s owner in danger. A prime use for a case could be a journalist in the middle of a riot or a threatening embattled area. If transmissions are picked up, the case will either shut off the phone or send an immediate alert. Sadly, it’s still in the early stages of design but we’ve spoken to 007 and he’s extremely interested in the product. (Source: TechCrunch)


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