Sharing of Netflix Passwords is Now A Federal Crime

Sharing Your Netflix Password is a Crime and We’re All Guilty

Looks like a lot of us are “unwitting federal criminals” according to Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. This all came out of a case when a man used an ex-colleagues password to login to his old workplace dataplace. Probably not the smartest idea in the first place. Should we all immediately change our Netflix password so our BFF, ex and third cousin no longer can binge watch Scandal on our account? We can’t risk becoming a federal criminal. Well, thankfully Netflix is saying we don’t care what you do with your account, use our service, buy the family plan! So no major trouble for now. (Source: TechCrunch / BBC)

Uber Offers All-You-Can-Eat Card

Uber likes to change things up…whether it’s with helicopters, surge pricing and now commuting in NYC. Starting today, Uber is offering UberPOOL “commute cards” sold exclusively on Gilt City. For a two week pass at $49, a four week pass at $79 or eight week pass at $159, UberPOOL commuters can get unlimited rides during morning and evening rush hour. Compare this to the subway and you’re saving $$$. This is perfect for riders who don’t mind sharing a ride and making a friend (maybe an enemy) on their commute, want to save some dollars and are alright with sitting in traffic. The general manager of NYC Uber said they are hoping to make commuting easier in the hot summer AKA trying to save people the misery of standing on a non-air conditioned train platform that’s 100 degrees. (Source: AM New York)  

It’s Prime Day!

I’ll take an Amazon Echo, a 32-inch TV and a beekeeping suit. Amazon’s made up holiday, “Prime Day” is happening right now. In case you don’t know what “Prime Day” is, it’s when members of Amazon’s Prime service get access to exclusive deals on a collection of random things. Some notable deals are Amazon Fire for $33, 30% off Roomba vacuum, 50% off Sony headphones. Head to Amazon to browse the deals, never know what you might find. (Source: USA Today)


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