SEO Tips For Your LinkedIn Company Profile

LinkedIn: SEO Tips For Your Company Profile


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t have to be difficult. There are several easy ways to manage a company page to drive engagement, boost traffic and improve your overall search rankings, both online and offline. As the name implies, company pages are essentially the same as a personal profile, just for companies.

Some of you reading this are entrepreneurs that will need to do this yourself, while others are salespeople for large organizations. Those in larger organizations should run this by your LinkedIn or marketing team to ensure these tips are being done. These are all opportunities to send prospects your way.


Keywords matter.

Utilize the 156-character limit for your company’s description by being selective about your service offerings. Enriching your company description with who you are, what you do and relevant keywords will make it easier for Google to figure out what your company LinkedIn page stands for. Use tools such as Google’s free Keyword Planner or Trends to learn the top search queries for your industry. Remember that members can find your company page solely by keywords, so start learning what your target audience is searching for, then build a description from there.

Empower Employees to Share.

Encourage your employees to update their work experience to include your company. This creates a clickable version of your company’s logo on their page, which makes it easier for their network to find you. Plus, it’s free branding! Encourage employees to share company updates through their personal pages and vice versa. Personalization is key and as Econsultancy reports, “Businesses currently personalizing web experiences are experiencing an increase in sales of 19% on average.” People like to see the individuals and faces behind the companies.

Utilize Marketing Options.

LinkedIn Showcase pages, embed buttons and media links can increase your SEO results. LinkedIn Showcase pages link to your original company page and can be used to emphasize new products, initiatives, brand extensions and any content augmented for specific audiences.

Targeted Ads.

In 2015, 50% of B2B marketers reported they’re more likely to buy from a company they’ve engaged with on LinkedIn. Test some of the targeted ad options LinkedIn has to off er. These ads allow you to target various items including title, company, location and beyond. Driving traffic to or creating awareness around your company page can lead to more followers and higher rankings for your company page.


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